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Brazos Valley Basketball Statistics

Brazos Valley Basketball Statistics

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Brazos Valley Basketball Leaders  
Here are the Brazos Valley’s high school basketball leaders in key statistical categories. Coaches and statisticians can send stats to by 5 p.m. Wednesday.
Jenny Johnson, Hearne36315.1   
Marlya Scott, Consol38314.7   
Haley Mason, Anderson-Shiro14   
Deondre Young, Rudder40114   
Lakin Madden, North Zulch415


Tiana Mathis, Rudder35413   
Tami Pate, Cornerstone C.11411.4   
Jaycie Brisco, Snook11.3   
Antinajah Jackson, Hearne23211   
Natalie Carroll, Hearne26411   
Alyvia Peralez, Bremond28510.6   
R. Schoenemann, St. Joseph24010   
Emily Daigle, Anderson-Shiro10   
Keaundra Kelly, Rudder27710   
Katie Douga, North Zulch2869.8   
Alexis Hernandez, Mumford9.5   
Samantha Moore, North Zulch2719.3   
Delaney Compean, Anderson-S9   
Elli Freund, Cornerstone C.908.1   
Jaivan Stringfellow, Snook8.1   
Brooklyn Wager, Mumford7.8   
Katelyn Crocker, North Zulch2337.8   
Elisa Davila, St. Joseph1487.8   
Paige Brown, Mumford7.7   
Mckenna Robertson, Milano1397.7   
Sage Loube, Milano1287.5   
Reghan Millhollon, St. Joseph1427.1   
Cierra Gilbert, Consol1787.1   
Bethanie Compton, Milano1356.8   
Claire Sisco, Consol1726.8   
 Hannah Batten, Aggieland           13.4    
Name, SchoolNo.Game   
Haley Mason, Anderson-Shiro10   
R. Schoenemann, St. Joseph2339.7   
Deondre Young, Rudder9.5   
Elli Freund, Cornerstone C.1049.4   
Mckenna Robertson, Milano1699.4   
Kaitlyn Telg, Milano1598.4   
Antinajah Jackson, Hearne1718.1   
Aylvia Peralez, Bremond2127.9   
Cierra Gilbert, Consol1967.8   
Natalie Carroll, Hearne1787.4   
Jenny Johnson, Hearne1747.3   
Hannah Batten, Aggieland7.2   
Keaundra Kelly, Rudder7.2   
Jaivan Stringfellow, Snook6.8   
Kristian Taylor, Milano546.2   
Victoria Sheffield, Consol1566   
Reghan Millhollon, St. Joseph1165.8   
Riley Green, Snook5.7   
Rebekah Hailey, College Stat5.6   
Leah Klatt, Aggieland5.4   
Hattie Novak, Aggieland5.2   
Jaycie Brisco, Snook5.2   
Tiana Mathis, Rudder5   
Ella Boyle, St. Joseph1074.9   
Mia Rivers, College Station4.6   
Name, SchoolNo.Game   
Tiana Mathis, Rudder4.4   
Marlya Scott, Consol963.7   
Briana Turner, Rudder3.5   
Jenny Johnson, Hearne713   
Haley Mason, Anderson-Shiro3   
Emily Daigle, Anderson-Shiro3   
Destiny Dickson, Aggieland2.9   
Jaycie Brisco, Snook2.7   
Jessica Ransom, Consol672.7   
Elli Freund, Cornerstone C.282.5   
Makayla Pruitt, Bremond612.3   
Zoey Pruitt, Bremond432.1   
Sage Loube, Milano362.1   
Name, SchoolNo.Game   
Tami Pate, Cornerstone454.5   
Jenny Johnson, Hearne1044.3   
Haley Mason, Anderson-Shiro4   
Mariya Scott, Consol1023.9   
Elli Freund, Cornerstone C.113.8   
Rakia Lee, Rudder3.4   
Tiana Mathis, Rudder3.2   
Hattie Novak, Aggieland3.1   
Emily Daigle, Anderson-Shiro3   
Briana Turner, Rudder3   
Makayla Pruitt, Bremond803   
Delaney Compean, Anderson-S3   
Parker McVay, Aggieland2.7   
Reghan Millhollon, St. Joseph512.6   
Jaycie Brisco, Snook2.5   
Zoey Pruitt, Bremond492.5   
Jessica Ransom, Consol602.4   
Haylee Hughes, Bremond512.3   
Ella Boyle, St. Joseph472.1   
Antinajah Jackson, Hearne452.1   
Kristian Taylor, Milano2092   
Jazmin Olivarez, Cornerstone C222   
Cierra Gilbert, Consol471.9   
Name, SchoolNo.    
Lakin Madden, North Zulch64    
Mariya Scott, Consol38    
Keaundra Kelly, Rudder35    
Claire Sisco, Consol35    
Bethanie Compton, Milano34    
Katelyn Crocker, North Zulch27    
Samantha Moore, North Zulch26    
Elisa Davila, St. Joseph25    
Name, SchoolNo.Game   
Dreraud Rogers, Snook16318.1   
Adam Crenshaw, Iola34317.1   
MJ Thomas, Calvert24916.6   
Trevor Collins, Brazos Christian21616.6   
Jake Olsta, Brazos Christian21416.5   
Rodney Johnson Jr., Bryan31515   
Trequintin Green, Calvert26314.6   
Qwanterrius Young, Snook28014.1   
Seth Kasowski, Bremond10713   
Owen North, College Station11.7   
Jaquarious Ford, Calvert19011.2   
Dominic Caldwell, Bryan23411.2   
Mekhi Crawford, Rockdale13110.9   
Emory Broussard, North Zulch26110.9   
Jeremiah Johnson, Rudder22410.2   
Jaden Hall, College Station10   
Carlos Moreno, Rudder2010.1   
James Young III, Snook1099.9   
Tyler Kirschner, North Zulch2259.4   
Pharrell Hemphill, Cameron669.4   
Calvin Stewart, Cameron1719   
Jay Moreno, Rockdale1078.9   
Kevaughn Booze, Cameron1618.9   
Stephen Harris, North Zulch2088.7   
Kobe Young, Cameron1228.7   
Dylan Glover, Bryan1818.6   
Kaleb Douga, North Zulch2078.6   
Grayson Adams, Rudder2228.5   
Kevin Wooten, Calvert1298.1   
Miles Minor, Bremond1138.1   
Keithron Lee, Rudder408   
Thomas Melton, Cameron1297.2   
Name, SchoolNo.Game   
MJ Thomas, Calvert18412.3   
Trequintin Green, Calvert21612   
Qwanterrius Young, Snook21811.2   
James Young III, Snook908.2   
Rodney Johnson Jr., Bryan1708.1   
Bryce Steel, Brazos Christian957.9   
Miles Minor, Bremond1027.2   
Hudson Holcombe, B. Christian957.1   
Johnny Legg, Somerville7   
Jermaine Kearney, Snook1466.6   
Kevaughn Booze, Cameron1236.5   
Adam Crenshaw, Iola1316.5   
Dominic Tucker, Somerville6   
Jeremiah Johnson, Rudder1305.9   
Billy Thompson, Calvert1055.8   
Tyler Kirschner, North Zulch1375.7   
Corderrius Gilmore, Calvert1035.7   
Cory Estrada, Bremond785.6   
Kaleb Douga, North Zulch1305.4   
Grayson Adams, Rudder1355.2   
Dylan Glover, Bryan1075.1   
Taveres Lyles, Calvert565.1   
Jauarious Ford, Calvert834.9   
Davien Flentroy, Calvert844.9   
Pharrell Hemphill, Cameron344.3   
Carlos Moreno, Rudder864.3   
Brent Wright, Cameron674.2   
Za’korien Spikes, Cameron714.1   
Garrison Ballard, Somerville4   
Verkobe Woodberry, Somerville3   
Name, SchoolNo.Game   
Emory Broussard, North Zulch1024.3   
MJ Thomas, Calvert624.1   
Arvis Burns, Somerville4   
Owen North, College Station3.6   
Kaleb Douga, North Zulch773.2   
Erwin Jones, Calvert503.1   
Dylan Glover, Bryan663.1   
Kobe Young, Cameron443.1   
Jake Olsta, Brazos Christian403.1   
Garrison Ballard, Somerville3   
Seth Kasowski, Bremond243   
Verkobe Woodberry, Somerville3   
Tyler Kirschner, North Zulch713   
JD Smith, Bryan392.8   
Treztan Garcia, College Station2.8   
Case Creamer, Iola532.6   
Sidney Mack, Snook572.6   
Jermaine Kearney, Snook572.5   
Corderrius Gilmore, Calvert452.5   
Carlos Moreno, Rudder432.4   
Cory Estrada, Bremond332.4   
Thomas Melton, Cameron392.2   
Dreraud Rogers, Snook192.1   
Jeremiah Johnson, Rudder402   
Keithron Lee, Rudder102   
Johnny Legg, Somerville2   
Name, SchoolNo.Game   
Corderrius Gilmore, Calvert724   
Jaquarious Ford, Calvert623.6   
Keithron Lee, Rudder173.4   
Case Creamer, Iola643.2   
Danielshijon Hurst, Calvert223.1   
Erwin Jones, Calvert493.1   
Davien Flentroy, Calvert492.9   
Pharrell Hemphill, Cameron162.5   
Trequintin Green, Calvert422.3   
Ricky Flores, Iola452.3   
MJ Thomas, Calvert352.3   
Adam Crenshaw,  Iola422.1   
Dreraud Rogers, Snook192.1   
Kobe Young, Cameron292.1   
Jake Olsta, Brazos Christian262   
Name, SchoolNo.    
Dominic Caldwell, Bryan66    
Treztan Garcia, College Station38    
Owen North, College Statin37    
Stephen Harris, North Zulch36    
Jaden Hall, College Station32    
Emory Broussard, North Zulch32    
Carlos Moreno, Rudder30    
Dylan Glover, Bryan29    
Trevor Collins, Brazos Christian25    
Kevin Wooten, Calvert25    
Kobe Young, Cameron19    

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