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BV Football Statistics

BV Football Statistics

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Here are the statistics for the Brazos Valley football leaders. Coaches or statisticians have until 5 p.m. Wednesday to send season totals via email to sports@theeagle:
Name, SchoolNo.YdsAvgTD 
Seth Kasowski, Bremond8778299 
Jarred Kerr, Lexington5159711.78 
Josh Millar, Milano725517.73 
Paxton Hancock, Centerville644907.74 
Seth Spiller, Franklin4344210.35 
Cam’Ron Valdez, Rockdale474319.27 
JaRay Bledsoe, Bremond523967.66 
Jeremiah Teague, Somerville6438363 
Bryson Washington, Franklin2337916.53 
Darius Randle, Navasota523466.73 
Armando Lee Jaurez, Madville612984.96 
Kaden Dunn, Centerville2629311.33 
Mason Hardy, Normangee332678.13 
Cooper Lucherk, Burton552234.91 
Larry Davis, Caldwell412205.34 
Kobe Mitchell, Rockdale452164.85 
Phaibian Bynaum, Cameron301986.64 
Cameron Conerway, Snook201909.51 
Tyson Cornett, Leon251837.35 
Malcolm Murphy, Franklin321665.21 
Jeremy Johnson, Normangee201467.35 
Jace Aly, Caldwell321454.51 
Ja’marion Frear, Navasota151318.71 
Halston French, Centerville181287.10 
Patrick Brazzell, Madisonville181277.11 
Keshon Johnson, Cameron2512551 
Andrew Newman, Centerville2412152 
Nicholas Leggett, Leon2610340 
Name, SchoolComAttYdsTDINT
Jacob Robinson, Leon811451287141
Mason Hardy, Normangee365169880
Zane Zeinert, Yoe315860762
Ja’Mar Jessie, Navasota395754842
Kobe Mitchell, Rockdale375853763
A. Lee Juarez, Madisonville265540141
Brant Roberts, Centerville224035053
Garrett Lero, Snook327034126
Seth Kasowski, Bremond213932421
Ryan Roheling, Caldwell174532231
Johnny Legg, Somerville193131023
Cole Werner, A-Shiro172730440
Pierce Goodwin, BVCHEA265124822
Name, SchoolNo.YdsAvgTD 
Tyson Cornett, Leon3058019.37 
Tito Gonzalez, Leon2425710.73 
Kesean Raven, Rockdale2224811.34 
Dillon Denman, Centerville2134416.45 
Deshun Hamilton, Snook1629218.33 
Izaha Jones, Normangee1536424.34 
Za’korien Spikes, Cameron15315213 
Verkobe Woodberry, Somerville1430521.82 
Xavier Steptoe, Navasota1420114.42 
Anthony Dansby, Rockdale1227422.83 
Garrette Douga, Normangee1219115.93 
Micah Burleson, Leon1127324.84 
Ca’Darrius Williams, A-Shiro1121319.42 
Jeremiah Jackson, Lexington1111910.82 
Hunter Wilganoski, Bremond11898.10 
Caleb Kocmoud, BVCHEA1010710.70 
Name, SchoolNo.YardsAvg  
Anthony Dansby, Rockdale15050  
Zane Zeinert, Cameron1042942.9  
Garrett Lero, Snook728140.1  
Henry Hubnik, Cameron14040  
Kobe Mitchell, Rockdale415538.8  
David Williams, Bremond311638.7  
Owen Davis, BVCHEA414736.8  
Vinny Aguilar, Burton725536.4  
Seth Spiller, Franklin827734.6  
Cooper Lucherk, Burton724134.4  
Armando Polanco, Madisonville13434  
Victor Torres, Navasota1033133.1  
Dillon Denman, Centerville824130.1  
Name, SchoolNo.YardsAvg  
Jeremiah Burns, Madisonville511623.2  
Za’korien Spikes, Cameron12424  
Seth Kasowski, Bremond35117.3  
David Hamilton, Snook23417  
Davioun Scott, Rockdale33210.7  
Name, SchoolNo.YardsAvg  
Verkobe Woodberry, Somerville311237.3  
Pharrell Hemphill, Bremond39331  
Bryson Washington, Franklin25929.5  
Darius Randle, Navasota12828  
Ronnie Mosley, Madisonville38428  
Devin Wheaton, Madisonville37926.3  
Andrew Newman, Centerville24824  
Deshun Hamilton, Snook12424  
Malcolm Murphy37123.7  
David Davila, Snook511723.4  
Jaidyn Sanchez, Bremond24321.5  
Name, SchoolTDFGPATTotal 
Seth Kasowski, Bremond90054 
Jarred Kerr, Lexington80050 
Tyson Cornett, Leon153449  
JaRay Bledsoe, Bremond60146 
Cam’Ron Valdez, Rockdale70042 
Armando Lee Juarez, Mad’vlle60038 
Kesean Raven, Rockdale60036 
Seth Spiller, Franklin50030 
Dillon Denman, Centerville50030 
Kobe Mitchell, Rockdale50030 
Jeremy Johnson, Normangee50030 
Paxton Hancock, Centerville40126 
Phaibian Bynum, Cameron40024 
Izaha Jones, Normangee40024 
Victor Morales, Madisonville002222 
Bryson Washington, Franklin30222 
Josh Millar, Milano30120 
Name, SchoolSoloAssistTotal  
Jace Snook, Madisonville41849  
Nicholas Leggett, Leon113849  
Colton Barbo, Cameron311647  
Haze Tomascik, Franklin212142  
Hunter Wilganowski, Bremond132740  
JaRay Bledoe, Bremond152338  
Fabian Salomon, Cameron181836  
Daniel Davila, Snook201636  
Jesus Gomez, Somerville92635  
Jaxson Brisco, Snook72633  
Luis Guillen, Leon102232  
Jacob Robinson, Leon92231  
Jeremiah Burns, Madisonville21930  
Jarred Kerr, Lexington23629  
Justin Supak, Snook111829  
Eduardo Gil, Cameron18827  
Seth Shamblin, Franklin141327  
Josh Millar, Milano24327  
Paxton Hancock, Centerville17926  
Bryson Washington, Franklin121426  
Nathaniel Pedigo, Leon42125  
Tito Gonzales, Leon81725  
Armando Reyes, Cameron91625  
Johnny Legg, Somerville71825  
Josh Griffin, Madisonville17522  
Jace Snook, Madisonville16521  
Verkobe Woodberry, Somerville71421  
Jeremiah Dillon, Lexington13720  
Chase Mayfield, Rockdale--20  
Jake Pote, BVCHEA61420  
Jack Herbst, Bremond41620  
Herschel Conway, Somerville31720  
Miles Miner, Bremond71320  
Name, SchoolNo.YardsTD  
Nick Grimes, Milano2180  
Brice Beene, A-Shio2130  
Jeramiah Burns, Madisonville2150  
Seth Kasowski, Bremond200  
Tyson Cornett, Leon200  
Hector Munoz, Milano1600  
Halston French, Centerville1471  
Josh Millar, Milano1150  
Andrew Borski, A-Shiro1100  
Jared Lavender, BVCHEA120  
Andrew Newman, Centerville100  
David Williams, Bremond100  
Johnny Legg, Somerville100  
Bryson Washington, Franklin100  
Jace Robinson, Leon100  
Ronnie Mosley, Madisonville100  
Ryan Kinsey, Madisonville100  
Malcolm Murphy, Franklin100  
Jaidyn Sanchez, Cameron100  
Davioun Scott, Rockdale100  
Robert Owens, Rockdale100  
Erik Lopez, Burton100  
Dillon Denman, Centerville1-250  

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