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BV Football Standings - Week 4

BV Football Standings - Week 4

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 10-4A Division II           Overall     
Carthage0-0 00Jan-001277
Jasper0-0 00Jan-0017120
Rusk0-0 001-Feb0.6678252
Madis’ville0-0 001-Feb0.6678350
Center0-0 001-Feb0.667151103
Shepherd0-0 000-10850
Last week results       
Carthage at Little Cypress-Mauriceville, canceled; Jasper 71, Newton 20; Madisonville 24, Teague 7; Coldspring 50, Shepherd 8; Palestine 23, Rusk 13; West Orange-Stark at Jasper, canceled; Center 41, Gladewater 40 
Friday’s 7:30 games       
Madisonville at Lorena; Liberty at Shepherd; Jasper at Lake Hardin-Jefferson; Chapel Hill at Center; Rusk at Bullard 
 13-4A Division IIOverall      
Navasota0-0 001-Feb0.6678279
Giddings0-0 001-Feb0.66711374
LaGrange0-0 002-Jan0.33369129
Smithville0-0 002-Jan0.3334769
Cuero0-0 000-3035115
Gonzales0-0 000-3027110
 Last week results       
Shiner 41, Smithville 12; Yoakum 27, Cuero 0; Giddings 46, Taylor 12; La Grange 32, La Vernia 28; Fredericksburg 46, Gonzales 6; Smithville at Lago Vista, canceled; Mexia 38, Navasota 14 
 Friday’s 7:30 p.m. games      
Huffman-Hargrave at Navasota; Lockhart at La Grange, canceled; Caldwell at Giddings; Navarro at Cuero; Gonzales at La Vernia; Smithville at Jarrell; Taylor at La Grange 
 11-3A Division IOverall      
Academy0-0 00Mar-0018225
Caldwell0-0 001-Feb0.6675868
Rockdale0-0 001-Feb0.66712970
Cameron0-0 001-Feb0.6679978
Troy0-0 001-Feb0.66713089
Lorena0-0 001-Jan0.53462
McGregor0-0 002-Jan0.333132125
Last week results       
Lexington 35, Rockdale 34; Lorena at Gatesville, canceled; Cameron Yoe 37, Franklin 8; Little River Academy 45, Groesbeck 0; McGregor 56, Jarrell 35; Lago Vista 20, Caldwell 0; Troy 48, Waco Robinson 6 
Friday’s 7:30 games       
Bellville at Rockdale, 7 p.m.; Franklin at Troy; Madisonville at Lorena; Lago Vista at Little River Academy; Lexington at Cameron Yoe; Caldwell at Giddings
 12-3A Division II               Overall     
N.Waverly0-0 00Feb-0016712
Warren0-0 00Feb-001826
Hemphill0-0 00Jan-0015424
Anderson0-0 001-Feb0.6676456
Kountze0-0 001-Jan0.54049
Newton0-0 000-102071
C-Camden0-0 000-207102
Last week results       
Hemphill 54, West Sabine 24; Jasper 71, Newton 20; Hearne at New Waverly, canceled; Warren 41, West Hardin 0; Blanco 34, Anderson-Shiro 9; Kirbyville at Newton, canceled; Tenaha 49, Kountze 0; Woodville 48, Corrigan-Camden 7 
Friday’s 7:30 p.m. games      
Warren at Deweyville, 7 p.m.; Anderson-Shiro at Trinity, 7 p.m.; Newton at West Orange-Stark; Kountze at Beaumont Kelly; Huntington at Hemphill; New Waverly at Hardin; Elkhart at Corrigan-Camden; Hitchcock at Kountze 
   13-3A Division II        Overall     
Lexington0-0 00Mar-0019554
Buffalo0-0 00Mar-0019136
Riesel0-0 001-Feb0.6679179
Rogers0-0 002-Jan0.3338356
Franklin0-0 000-202858
Clifton0-0 000-303159
Florence0-0 000-3041124
Last week results       
Lexington 35, Rockdale 34; Bruceville-Eddy 35, Florence 21; Buffalo 21, Crockett 14; Cameron Yoe 37, Franklin 8; Rogers 47, Whitney 12; Maypearl 17, Clifton 7; Clyde 52, Riesel 14
Friday’s 7:30 p.m. games      
Riesel at Bosqueville, 7 p.m.; Rogers at West; Goldthwaite at Florence; Franklin at Troy; Tenaha at Clifton; Lexington at Cameron Yoe; Teague at Buffalo
   11-2A Division I           Overall     
Grapeland0-0 00Mar-00112254
Normangee0-0 00Feb-0017729
Groveton0-0 001-Feb0.6675777
Leon0-0 001-Feb0.667113118
Centerville0-0 001-Feb0.6678448
Alto0-0 000-30679
Last week results       
Leon 30, Somerville 29; Centerville 30, Thorndale 14; Normangee 48, Chilton 15; Joaquin 41, Groveton 0; Price Carlisle 12, Alto 0; Grapeland 50, Cayuga 6 
Friday’s 7:30 p.m. games      
Lovelady at Normangee, 7 p.m.; Palestine Westwood at Centerville; Leon at Bruceville-Eddy; Grapeland at Kirbyville; Groveton at Shelbyville; Alto at Winona 
         12-2A Division I            Overall     
Holland0-0 00Mar-00113045
Hearne0-0 00Jan-0012714
Th’rnd’le0-0 001-Feb0.6674444
Moody0-0 002-Jan0.3332280
B-Eddy0-0 002-Jan0.33374114
Thrall0-0 002-Jan0.3334081
R-Lott0-0 002-Jan0.33310781
Last week results       
Thrall 26, Snook 20; Holland 41, Johnson City 0; Centerville 30, Thorndale 14; Waco Reicher at Holland, canceled; Hearne at New Waverly, canceled; Hubbard 20, Moody 15; Bruceville-Eddy 35, Florence 21; Rosebud-Lott 60, Waco Texas Wind 0 
Friday’s 7:30 p.m. games      
Hearne at Hardin; Moody at Meridian, 7 p.m.; Johnson City at Rosebud-Lott; Milano at Thorndale; Leon at Bruceville-Eddy; Valley Mills at Moody; Holland at Crawford
 10-2A Division IIOverall      
Mart0-0 00Mar-00112354
Wortham0-0 00Feb-0016619
Hubbard0-0 00Feb-0017421
Bremond0-0 001-Feb0.66711549
Chilton0-0 002-Jan0.33329102
Frost0-0 000-201366
Last week results       
Granger 39, Frost 13; Bremond 43, Milano 0; Normangee 48, Chilton 15; Hubbard 20, Moody 15; Dawson 41, Wortham 0; Mart 46, Anahuac 14 
Friday’s 7 p.m. games      
Waco Texas Wind at Frost, 7 p.m.; Dawson at Bremond; Cayuga at Wortham; Axtell at Chilton; Whitney at Mart
 13-2A Division IIOverall      
Granger0-0 001-Feb0.6678548
Milano0-0 002-Jan0.3333277
Bartlett0-0 002-Jan0.3335473
Iola0-0 000-101228
Somerville0-0 000-203664
Burton0-0 000-302459
Snook0-0 000-304660
Last week results       
Thrall 26, Snook 20; Granger 39, Frost 13; Lovelady 28, Iola 12; Meridian 7, Bartlett 0; Brazos 18, Burton 12; Bremond 43, Milano 0; Leon 30, Somerville 29 
Friday’s 7 p.m. games      
Snook at Milano; Burton at Iola; Somerville at Granger, 7 p.m.   
 13-A Div 2Overall      
 W-L PFPAW-L Pct   PF  PA 
Oakwood0-0 00Feb-0018212
Calvert0-0 001-Feb0.66712090
A. Springs0-0 000-10732
Chester0-0 000-2063119
Last week results       
Houston Texas Christian 48, Chester 24; Willowbend Rogues 32, Apple Springs 7; Oakwood 48, Trinidad 0; Calvert 32, Bastrop Tribe Consolidated 28 
 Thursday’s 6 p.m. game      
Huntsville Alpha Omega JV at Apple Springs, 6 p.m.    
Friday’s games       
Orange Community Christian at Chester, 7 p.m.; Coolidge at Oakwood, 7:30 p.m.  
 14-A Div 2Overall      
 W-L PFPAW-L Pct   PF  PA 
Dime Box0-0 00Jan-001450
Oglesby0-0 001-Feb0.6678871
Mt. Calm0-0 002-Jan0.33392103
Buckholts0-0 000-2028119
Last week result       
Dime Box 45, Prairie Lea 0; Oglesby 46, Iredell 30; Lantana Harvest Christian 48, Mount Calm 14; Lometa 62, Buckholts 16 
Friday’s 7:30 p.m. games      
Iredell at Buckholts;  Kopperl at Oglesby; Mount Calm at Penelope  

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