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An overactive bladder is common, affecting more than 33 million Americans. In general, the risk for it increases with age.

When the astronauts land in 2024 they'll have to build a safe habitat to protect them from radiation, extreme temperature swings and micrometeorites. And they may build their base using something readily available: their urine.

“American Vandal” (Netflix): Season 2 to Netflix’s shockingly great true crime mockumentary. The first season investigated who spray-painted phallic images on the cars of the high school faculty. Season 2 moves to a private Catholic school, where a criminal called “The Turd Burglar” has caused dozens of students to simultaneously poop themselves (laxatives in the cafeteria lemonade!). This series is far smarter, sadder and more heartfelt than a show with such a premise would suggest.

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