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Just like technology and fashion, cleaning best practices and household cleaning products change over time — thank goodness, right? Fortunately, we’re not all still hand-washing every piece of laundry. That’s not to say some tried-and-true originals aren’t still gems but naturally, over time, our cleaning techniques and solutions have gotten safer and more efficient. So, once we know better, we can do better. Here are some antiquated cleaning rules you should feel free to break.

I do like tying flys and enjoy developing new techniques that push designs of traditional flys so they are easy to reproduce for the "new" to …

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It's midnight, and you're sitting on the sofa, flicking through Netflix. You should go to bed to be ready for work in the morning, but you're just. not. tired. Do you a) press play and hope for the best or b) go to bed and lay awake in the dark?

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