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Fascinatingly constructed and so chillingly compelling. This Nordic noir groundbreaker is the story of a young boy who supposedly fell to his death in the Copenhagen snow.

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Byron Robidoux is running for a U.S. Senate seat. He’s got the backing of some powerful political connections, but his plans are suddenly upended when a blackmailer surfaces wielding a secret that Byron’s kept for over a decade. Trouble is, the secret is also a lie. And revealing the truth could have terrible repercussions for the person he told that lie to protect. Zoe Hammond, now a strong and confident single mother, was Byron’s friend in his college days. As their mutual attraction grows, he’ll need to figure it out or risk losing everything.

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Fifth-generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong finds herself on the trail of the same missing cargo of a freight train that her father had been investigating in the ’90s, when skeletal remains are found near an excavation site in the Texas desert. She soon learns that she must also deal with the aftermath of a massacre that claimed the lives of all the workers at a private intelligence company. The cases are connected by a long-buried secret, one that men have died to protect. Caitlin knows she must be as strong as steel to solve this bloody and complicated mystery. Look for Land’s next installment in the series, “Strong from the Heart.”

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This Irish novel made me deeply happy. In the 1950s, a 17-year-old boy leaves the seminary in Dublin to spend time with his grandparents in an Irish village that, like many at the time, still lacked electricity. Then a stranger arrives, in charge of signing the villagers up for the electricity being imposed from the capital. But the stranger has a secret, which involves a woman he left at the altar decades earlier.

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It’s a seething microcosm of competition, envy, manipulation and the battle for supremacy. It’s high school. And those crowded classrooms — or the privileged halls of prep school — coupled with aspiration and aggression and enforced proximity make the halls of academe perfect places to set a novel of suspense.

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