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CLAIM: At a Miley Cyrus concert in 1993, the pop singer told a 9-year-old girl that anything was possible as long as you believed in God. The little girl said she believed in God and was going to become famous one day by stopping Obamacare and making it illegal to kill babies. That little girl grew up to be Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who has been nominated to a Supreme Court seat.

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SEN. TED CRUZ: "Obamacare has doubled the profits of the big health insurance companies, doubled them. Obamacare has been great corporate welfare for giant health insurance companies at the same time, according to the Kaiser foundation, premiums — average families' premiums — have risen more than — have risen $7,967 per year on average. That is catastrophic that millions of Americans can't afford health care. It is a catastrophic failure of 'Obamacare.'" — Barrett nomination hearing Wednesday.

Congress is likely this week to eliminate two taxes designed to help pay for Obamacare, one of which has never even taken effect. Ironically, that's the one Congress should keep.

Editor's Note: The columnists on today’s Opinions page are addressing the question, “Should our next census ask about citizenship status?”

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