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Because they are sap-heavy trees, evergreens tend to burn hot and fast, making them ideal for bonfires. If you have a safe place for an outdoor fire, like a fire pit, dry out your Christmas tree clippings to use for kindling to get your fire roaring.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating the spike in injuries related to the use of electric scooters. The devices, the latest fad in transportation, have become ubiquitous on U.S. streets and sidewalks.

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Go shopping for a recipe's main ingredient and come home with something else - we've all been there. On the spot, you can figure out a suitable substitute on your own or consult with a grocery-department manager. For this recipe, flank steak became flat-iron, because the flank steak was sold out. But the switch proved beneficial.

South Carolina's Westbrook Brewing makes one of the best American examples of gose, a briny, tangy wheat beer that has been brewed in Leipzig, Germany, for centuries. Traditionally brewed with coriander and sea salt, the acidic style has seen a resurgence in recent years as beer lovers have grown more accepting of funky and unusual flavors.

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