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The Hydra is an ancient Greek mythical beast, mentioned in the tales of Hercules, that was said to have the body of a dragon with many heads, two arms and legs with knifelike claws, sharp spikes, and a long serpent tail. If the heads were cut off, two heads would grow back in its place. The coronavirus pandemic reminds me of Hydra’s body, with its spikes and poisonous breath. Its multiple ...

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In short, yes, cleaning products can expire: “Like many products purchased at the grocery store, cleaning products can degrade over time,” says Brian Sansoni, senior vice president of communications, outreach and membership at the American Cleaning Institute.

Texas Crop and Weather Report – June 29, 2021 Consumers can expect higher beef prices at grocery stores despite a recent dip after the typical…

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The reason I answer with some degree of trepidation is because the people who are the proprietors of these businesses start getting very, very upset with me. There are some essential businesses that you want to keep open. You want to keep grocery stores open, supermarkets open, things that people need for their subsistence. You might, if it’s done properly, keep open some nonessential businesses, you know, things like clothing stores, department stores.

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Why: We’ve all acquired a bit of a prepper mind-set since the pandemic hit. The idea of starting a vegetable garden and keeping chickens sounds better than masking up and facing shortages at the grocery store.

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