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See how cracking a political party’s voters into more districts or packing party voters into fewer districts can assure more wins. Plus, get an update on political mapmaking across the U.S., and why it matters.

First, some background: As a Wisconsin legislator I was one of the people who sued the state in 2011, arguing that maps drawn by my Republican…

On April 7, thousands of Wisconsin citizens braved a global pandemic to show up at the polls to vote. Some commentators blamed Republicans in the legislature for forcing voters to choose between their health and the health of their democracy. Others blamed the Supreme Court for reinforcing this choice, because in Republican National Committee v. Democratic National Committee, the court's conservative majority reversed an order by federal Judge William Conley that would have made it easier for Wisconsin voters to vote from home.

When a North Carolina court overturned the state's legislative map as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander last week, the unanimous decision provided much more than a needed victory free and fair elections. It was also a valuable reminder: Partisan gerrymandering affects much more than Congress, distorting representation in state houses and senates nationwide.

Is the Supreme Court about to cause great political upheaval by getting into the business of policing the worst partisan gerrymanders? Signs f…

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