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Q: Yo, Tim. I have this load-bearing post right in front of my laundry room door. What can a person do to remove or relocate it to a more convenient location? Is this something that a reasonably handy homeowner with a decent array of tools can do by himself? Can you share all that’s involved? Do you have a clue how this column ended up in such an inconvenient location? Is there a way to have fewer support columns in basements and crawlspaces? —Andrew V., Spokane, Wash.

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Q: Howdy, Tim. I really need your advice. I’m thinking of residing my house, and it’s time to bite the bullet about repairing a structural issue that’s been getting worse each year. The floor in my living room has sagged 2 inches! The cause has been traced to a support column in between my two garage doors. I’m terrified about what this might cost to repair, and I have no idea what’s involved. Have you ever had to do a similar repair? Who is best suited to correct the problem? What kind of column would you install so it never happens again? — Stephen L., Worcester, Mass.

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Art Rooney II says he's hopeful the Steelers will have at least some fans at their final six regular-season home games, beginning with the Oct. 11 game against the Philadelphia Eagles. All NFL owners want fans at their games for two obvious reasons.

The official release of some previously leaked UFO videos taken by U.S. Navy pilots has sparked renewed interest in the bigger questions. For sure those flying objects are unidentified, but how much attention should we earthlings devote to this issue? I am struck by the contrast between those who see this as an important question and those who think the whole thing will turn out to be an error or some kind of optical illusion.

When I began writing this column a decade ago, our nation was slowly coming out of the recession, crime rates across the country were on a steady decline, Washington was still Chocolate City, and the mood around here was euphoric because an African American president occupied the White House for the first time in history.

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—September 2017: The Post publishes the first column by Khashoggi in its newspaper, in which the former royal court insider and longtime journalist writes about going into a self-imposed exile in the U.S. over the rise of Prince Mohammed. His following columns criticize the prince and the kingdom's direction.

Many decades ago, some inspired editor christened the newspaper as the Daily Miracle, and the moniker has survived in the industry ever since. And it makes sense — it’s more than a little mind-boggling that so many different moving parts (including the advertising, editorial and circulation departments) come together every day to bring the paper to your driveway or newsstand.

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