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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter or a mess that’s been building over months, this quarantine bathroom cleaning video from @no_esquses is the perfect inspiration to keep you from getting overwhelmed. The end result after a three hour deep clean is completely worth the effort.

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Does any room get quite as cluttered as the living room? This much-used, much-loved multipurpose room seems to have a clutter problem that’s in a class of its own — somehow the discarded socks, abandoned toys, half-read books, crumpled magazines, forgotten phone chargers and more collect in this shared space, and cleaning it all up seems like a never-ending chore.

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When your bathroom is small, clutter is an ever-present enemy. Even if you have a large bathroom, chances are good it could use some re-organizing. Once you do create a sense of order, whatever the size of your bathroom, it will open up and feel larger. Take it outside Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean everything medically related needs to be stored there. First aid items are often ...

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