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In every profession there are those that stand out - those that rise above the average and the common place. It usually isn't a position they seek, but something that evolves naturally from a commitment, a passion for what they do.

People see this. They feel it. They know its sincerity and genuineness intuitively. In the profession of cancer care, we are fortunate to have three individuals who have achieved this same level of unspoken respect and recognition. They are Drs. Tripathy, Jenkins and Fleener. Together they are simply known as The Cancer Clinic in Bryan.

Compassion and competency. While there are a lot of positive words that patients use to describe these three talented individuals perhaps no other words are used more than compassion and competency.

Diverse in background, education and individual specialization, these three physicians together have come to comprise a medical practice that is now seen by many patients as the premier destination for advanced cancer treatment.

This destination status, didn't come by chance, but rather by design, stemming from a collaborative effort begun over 21 years ago by Dr. Tripathy, the founder of The Cancer Clinic.

Witnessing the community's growth and paralleling rise in cancer cases he was treating, Dr. Tripathy visualized the upcoming problems that would be generated by patients having access only to certain pieces of cancer care locally. Patients were already being forced to drive great distances to cobble together any semblance of a continuum of cohesive care. Great stress and strain was put on the patient and families. Information flow was delayed by distance and unfamiliarity or lack of interconnectivity between cancer providers. Something needed to be done.

Fortunately, other forward thinking healthcare providers agreed with Dr. Tripathy and a cooperative plan was laid that changed the course of cancer care to become what it is today – a destination.

St. Joseph hospital built a free standing, dedicated cancer treatment facility. The first of its kind in the area. Dr. Tripathy, a radiation oncologist, the support staff and the related equipment they needed came together under one roof for the first time. 

Years passed, the population continued to grow and so did this collaborative effort. Soon a dedicated inpatient oncology unit was added at St. Joseph. Another first for the community. More cancer physicians moved their practices to this growing hub of cancer care and new imaging and radiation oncology technology was continually upgraded and expanded to meet the demand.

Dr. Tripathy's practice added another physician and partner Dr. Terry Jenkins. Dr. Jenkins exhaustive background in direct patient care and cutting edge clinical trials added to the depth of talent at The Cancer Clinic. 

Staff, advanced training and facilities were added to complement the addition of Dr. Jenkins.  Providers from other areas of cancer expertise began working closer together than ever to provide a seamless continuum of cancer care that would enhance this area's growing reputation of being a cancer treatment destination. 

Surgeons, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, in-patient, out-patient, imaging, primary care physicians, specially trained cancer care nurses – all areas working to come together as a team. And all along, Dr.'s Tripathy and Jenkins were working at The Cancer Clinic to encourage the cooperation to make the vision happen.

Today, patients can truly call this area a cancer treatment destination. The Cancer Clinic's commitment to seeing new patients within 24 hours is still a vital and core value of the practice and a great source of comfort to those who have just learned they have cancer. And maybe most importantly, patients no longer have to travel great distances knowing with full confidence that every aspect of cancer treatment is available in-depth locally.

While the vision has been achieved, nobody is resting. Dr. Tripathy and Dr. Jenkins have added a third partner and physician to their team, Dr. Erin Fleener. Dr. Fleener's resume rounds out The Cancer Clinic's team approach to patient care and provides for yet another advance for their many patients.

Growing demand in recent years has also meant more than just adding physicians it has also meant expansion of the Cancer Clinic facilities. The Cancer Clinic listened to their patients and carefully planned a new facility that took into account the special needs of local cancer care patients. The new facility located in the same building as the previous Cancer Clinic, represents the very latest in patient comfort, convenience and efficiency of design. Now open, it has been an instant success with patients and their families and fittingly symbolic of the forward thinking and investment in patients well-being that are vital when creating a true cancer destination.

Recognition has followed The Cancer Clinic also. Dr. Jenkins has been recognized three times by Texas Monthly as a top cancer doctor. Add in this year's vote of confidence by the 2009 Eagle Reader's Choice Awards and it is easy to see how The Cancer Clinic has become preferred choice of many patients. To doctors Tripathy, Jenkins and Fleener the awards have been a nice compliment to their commitment to make the Cancer Clinic the best cancer care destination available.

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