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Letters for January 12

Letters for January 12

Letters to the Editor

Editorial Board erred by not calling for Trump's removal

With all respect, I think The Eagle Editorial Board errs seriously in not urging the impeachment or other official condemnation of President Donald J. Trump for his instigation and encouragement of the seditious mob that attacked the American Capitol and American democracy Jan. 6. Both to stigmatize him and to warn off future would-be dictators, Trump needs formally to be held responsible. He should either be censured or impeached and convicted by Congress or removed from office by his cabinet's invocation of the 25th Amendment.

I agree with the Editorial Board that impeachment would inflame political tensions. But if Congress or the president's cabinet do not act to reaffirm the rule of law, if they decide that Trump should not face any consequences for his assault on our country, then they deliberately will have left the door open for a future assault by another, smarter political strongman from the extreme right or left.

In June 2020, Trump signed an executive order stating that rioters who willfully injured federal property, especially monuments and statues, should be imprisoned for up to 10 years. Hundreds of his supporters, egged on by his words, now face that sentence courtesy of their leader.

Some of his most vocal enablers, such as lawyers Sen. Ted Cruz and indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, must have understood the falseness of their attacks on the November election. They should do the honorable thing and resign. Actions, we tell our children, have consequences.

The first mass physical attack on the Capitol since the British invasion of August 1814 must become a footnote and not a downward turning point in American history. We, the people, must work to ensure that American democracy and the long, challenging process of creating a more perfect union so they do not perish from this earth.


College Station

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