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Letters for September 15

Letters for September 15

If only we listenedto what guest columnist had to say

Tom Kiske (Eagle, Sept. 13) is as facile with his witty online quips I so enjoy as he is with his illuminating analysis of inherent biases pervading the human condition. In this age of dozens of talking heads paid millions of dollars to opine endlessly on television and radio, this senior citizen yearns for the reincarnation of journalists Walter Cronkite and Chet Huntley and David Brinkley who informed my generation of "the way is was" ... literally.

If only the Instagram-Facebook-Twitter generation were able to compare and contrast the earlier and current media as I am, our aggrieved citizenry would realize a common ground from which we could begin the necessary analysis of our individual inherent biases rather than begin from our inherent biases making common ground elusive.


College Station

Congratulations to The Eagle for printing a variety of views

Congratulations to The Eagle on trying to print multiple viewpoints in its op-eds. I know that members of the Editorial Board are under great pressure, and often are met with great resistance when they try to include varying viewpoints in their pages.

The voices of praise/negativity no doubt will increase during this election cycle -- especially given the realities of voting during COVID-19.

Although I vehemently disagree with the cartoon and with the op-ed penned by Michael Reagan published Sept. 9, I commend The Eagle for doing the good work of a free press by printing items reflective of The People. This is the right and duty of a news organization. A free press is a constitutional right all U.S. citizens should celebrate.

It would be easy to point out the "alternative facts" and complete tone-deafness of Reagan's piece. Or the multiple dog-whistle racial stereotypes of the cartoon.

I could say "shame on you, The Eagle," and threaten to cancel my subscription if you dare print another piece that upsets me -- as so often the authors of letters to the editor claim.

Instead, I would encourage readers to read, far and wide, and to engage with folks of diverse opinions and life experiences. One can easily maintain an existence within an echo chamber. But one cannot claim to be alive if he or she does not make efforts to be informed.



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