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Letters for November 3

Letters for November 3

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The Queen's English still is important to some people

Herewith a bit of unsolicited geologic and petroleum engineering information prompted by the recent political cartoon of "porous borders," offered because the state of Texas is a significant player in the domestic production of oil and gas, where porosity is important.

The word "porous" as used regarding the flow of terrorists across national borders is not the right word and authors and political cartoonists who continue to use the term are unfortunately confusing porosity with permeability. Porosity is a measure of how much of a material is open space. Volcanic pumice is the ultimate example, having an average porosity close to 90 percent. Even though it's a rock, it floats on water. The numerous openings in it are not connected with one another, however, and, consequently, fluids cannot pass through it. It is highly porous, but completely impermeable.

What is meant therefore by continuing erroneous use of the term "porous," as in "porous borders," is actually "permeability," a measure of the ease with which a fluid (in this example, terrorists) can move through a substance. The proper term referring to the cross-boundary movement of terrorists is "permeable borders," not "porous borders."

There, no one asked and perhaps most don't even care, but they're welcome nevertheless. The proper use of the Queen's English is close to sacred in some peoples' books.



Seat betls should be required in all moving vehicles in Texas

Can someone explain to me why seat belts are required in passenger vehicles, but motorcycle riders ride up a down the street at a high rate of speed, without an helmet?

I have watched College Station Police motorcycle officers and Bryan Police motorcycle officers running at breakneck speed, dodging and weaving thru traffic. Putting the public and their own life in jeopardy for a seat belt violation -- while a bus load of school kids drive by that same officer, and not one child has on a seat belt. Yet our kids are our future, without at least a choice to buckle up.

I went on a trip a few months ago on a charter bus. The ride lasted three hours to get there and three hours back. During the whole entire ride I was in fear of my life due to not having a safety belt. I will not ride another charter bus again if it does not come with safety belts.

Imagine what happens to passengers in a bus crash. Scary thought, right? At least give me the choice to wear seat belts. This law needs to be fixed.



Honor our fallen Vietnam servicemen at memorial dedication

As Veteran's Day approaches I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Chapter 937 of the Vietnam Veterans of America will be dedicating a memorial at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 9 to the 58 heroes from the Brazos Valley who gave their all in Vietnam

The monument is in front of the Clara Mounce Public Library, beside the Fireman's Memorial and across from the former home of the Children's Museum. It is inscribed with names of the men who died for us in that far-away land. Their sacrifice never will be forgotten.

The public is invited to attend the ceremony and will be given an opportunity to take rubbings of the names afterwards. Music by the Bryan High School Band will begin at 2 p.m. The community-driven event will be one of somber thanks for a job well done.

Free parking will be available at the city garage.

Vietnam Veterans are encouraged to attend to honor their fallen comrades.

For more information, call 979-778-1835.

Lt. Cmdr. (ret.) TOM POWELL


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