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Letters for June 23

Letters for June 23

Letters to the Editor

Eagle grossly distorted facts about Black fathers

In the June 21 editorial "Refuting the absentee Black father stereotype," the paper presented data from Kids Count. Not believing the data as presented, I checked the Kids Count Data Center and found the following:

The percentages quoted were not for "Black fathers living at home with their children." Rather they were for "children in single-parent families by race in the U.S.," which could be mothers or fathers. The Eagle maintained that 65% of Black fathers live at home with their children, but in fact, 65% of Black children are in "single-parent" (Black mother or Black father) families. The paper maintained also that "only 24% of non-Hispanic white fathers live at home" -- again, the data show that 24% of non-Hispanic white children are in "single-parent" families (again, mother or father).

You conclude that "like many stereotypes, the idea of the absentee Black father just doesn't match reality." Reality?

The data do not support that point; in fact, The Eagle grossly distorted the data by ascribing the percentages for "single-parent families" as only "fathers" (black or white).


College Station

Editorial could be great without incorrect statistics

In Sunday's editorial, something about the reported percentages of fathers living in the home seemed odd. I consulted the 2019 Kids Count Data Book and the percentages reported are accurate, only they are in the section Children In Single-Parent Families. In 2017, 65% of African American, 41% of Latino/Multiracial and 24% of White children lived in single-parent families.

The percentages remained unchanged between 2010 and 2017. The inference of these statistics would seem exactly opposite of that in the editorial. I applaud Sean Williams for his work, and The Eagle for a positive Father's Day message. But unless there was a different Kids Count source of the data, this would appear to merit a correction in The Eagle. And that would be unfortunate, since the editorial about Sean Williams would have been a great message without the paragraph about the data.


College Station

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