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Letters for September 20

Letters for September 20

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Thanks to Consol fans for helping Bastrop High

On Sept. 9, A&M Consolidated played Westlake High School in Austin. At both the visitor and home gates, Westlake Student Council members collected donations to give to Bastrop High School to distribute to families affected by the wildfires there. At the time of the game, more than 1,400 homes had been destroyed.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to deliver $7,000 in gift cards to Bastrop High School. We visited the students there on their first day back to school and they were excited and appreciative that people near and far came together to show support.

Thank you, College Station!

STEVEN WILBANKS, student body president

Westlake High School


Let Bryan get out of all sports and sell parks

To the folks who want the city of Bryan to get out of the golf business: While we're at it, let's get the city out of the soccer, softball, swimming, horseshoes, Little League, youth football, fishing, water skiing and boating business.

Let's close all the parks and sell them to developers. Heaven knows we need more strip malls and apartment complexes.



The common people always pay the price

I saw the flags waving over America's remembrance of tragedy and then read Cheryl Teel's letter (Eagle, Sept. 13). If she would check real recent history she would find Michael Alvard (Eagle, Sept. 10) more than credible.

Andrew Card must be held accountable for the failed "neocon" righteousness of this past decade. Not having learned lessons from Vietnam, our nation's leaders did invade a sovereign nation without proper cause.

I could forgive this "mistake" if the war had been paid for, but it was not.

Our leaders used revenge instead of common sense, rumors in place of fact -- and the ones who suffer are the middle-class patriots who give their sons and daughters to die in this effort.

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we should celebrate the lives of the brave defenders of America who followed the directive of men such as Andrew Card.

Those who do not understand history will be doomed to truth. Money is what caused our Iraq war -- greed and power revenge have brought us to this great recession. Not one person who held the power then is held accountable.

Always, the common man pays the ultimate price.



Can Republicans explain the disparity in wages?

I have a simple question. With record corporate profits again this year, why is it more Americans have fallen below the poverty level? The nation's poverty rate rose almost 1 percent over the previous year.

During this same period, median household income also fell 2.3 percent. Someone is doing well during these poor economic times but it certainly isn't the working class folks.

Maybe someone in the "I-never-saw-a-corporate-tax-break-I-didn't- like" Republican Congress can explain to me the disparity between corporate wealth and wages.

How about it Rep. Bill Flores?



Columns were insightful and thought-provoking

Thank you to The Eagle for offering the Many Voices, One Community columns. They are so very thought-provoking, inspirational and insightful. Oh, how I wish that each person in our community would read and accept them.

For me, they are, indeed, "words of wisdom."


College Station

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