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Letters for November 29

Letters for November 29

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Immoral behavior seems best equated with individual values

In response to Bob Presley's (Eagle, Nov. 4) contention that human morals do not come from God, Keith Schumann (Eagle, Nov. 10) said that Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Zedong, assumed atheists, did some horrible things.

This is true, but so did many of the Catholic popes, Muslim leaders and other believers. Many atheists, such as Bertrand Russell, Carl Sagan and Stephen J. Gould, lead exemplary lives.

Belief in God does not correlate with moral behavior, and moral behavior does not come from God.


College Station

Drug, insurance companies already acting to protect profit

The construction of a health care bill has brought out the worst in the private sector. Opponents have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying. More revealing than that is the news that drug prices are already going up like crazy. The drug companies are intent on retaining their profit margins no matter what. That is despite the fact that our drug costs are already double what anybody else in the world pays.

The insurance companies are also planning to increase premiums because, they say, they have to insure everyone with pre existing conditions. They do not mention that their costs will go down because they do not have to screen applicants any more and they will get premiums from a younger, healthier population. They plan to maintain their profits as well despite the fact that the cost of health care in the U.S. is double that of any other country in the world.

Without a public option with real availability, this new health care bill will just increase overall costs and leave the insurance and drug companies free to rob us all, only with a new set of excuses.


College Station

Greed and laziness deserve no reward from government

This country was founded on choice, not control. If I wanted to experience the ins and outs of socialism or communism, I would move to a country where every aspect of life is controlled.

I want to live in the country that the Founding Fathers set up, where we are responsible for our own destiny.

I have no problem helping people who are disabled (mentally or physically) and can no longer earn a living to support themselves. I think that is an excellent use of tax money. I do, however, draw the line when the government sets no limits on providing free money to those who do not work and have no intention of ever working because it's too easy to get money from the government.

Set limits on this assistance. Require educational training to people to assist in getting a job. You could even make these classes part of the assistance. It would be cheaper than paying money out to support them for the rest of their lives for doing nothing and not adding money to system.

I earn a significant amount of money working 60 hours a week, six days a week, but this goes to feed myself and to help my parents with their bills. The more the government taxes me, the more I want to stop working and get some of the money that the government gives to these people who don't even try.

Who will support all of the assistance programs if we can't even support ourselves and help out our mothers and fathers, brothers or sisters when they need us?

Government should protect us, not control us. Do not turn this country into a place that we want to move out of in order to escape government's abuse of our hard-earned money.



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