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Letters for August 29

Letters for August 29

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Following party line

At Chet Edward's town hall meeting at the Brazos Center on Wednesday, it was clear that he is carefully positioning himself to follow the Democratic leadership position.

For instance, he repeats, in public and on his Web site, the misleading comment that there are 46 million people who have no health insurance. What he fails to mention is that the 46 million number includes millions of illegal aliens, millions of others who are either self-insured or feel themselves healthy enough to avoid expensive care, and millions who are eligible for Medicare and just haven't signed up.

Thus the numbers of actual Americans who want or need health insurance and cannot afford it are far fewer than the 46 million frequently mentioned by advocates of an expanded government role.

It's a shame that Edwards doesn't tell the whole story, but I'm not surprised. It's hard to imagine a better advocate for the Obama administration's talking points on health care than Chet Edwards.

Fresh from the recent recession/depression scare where, by no coincidence, the government acquired ownership of the world's largest automobile company along with numerous other assets of the private economy, the Obama administration now seeks to take over the health-care business. But the administration will need the help of its loyal foot soldiers across the country to expand the government's role.

This is where Edwards comes in. I believe that he will do his duty by following his party's leadership. I think that he will put this loyalty, as he has in the past, above the interests and desires of his constituents in the 17th Congressional District.


College Station

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