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Letters for August 9

Letters for August 9

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Edwards should meet with his constituents

We are disappointed but not surprised that U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards has chosen to speak to his constituents via telephone rather than person-to-person concerning health-care reform.

Edwards is taking his marching orders from the Democratic National Committee, the White House and his good friend Nancy Pelosi. Edwards has no problem facing the camera when he brings home the "pork."

I will not pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. Edwards knows he cannot defend a health care reform bill written by Nancy Pelosi, his fellow liberal Democrats and special interest groups.

The speaker of the House apparently needs Edward's "yes" vote on health-care reform as opposed to the deal he made on cap-and-trade.

Edwards can run but he cannot hide.

It is time to send Chet Edwards packing.


College Station

Americans won't stand for the health-care bill

It is my prayer that those in Washington, D.C. supposedly representing our interests come to their senses before advancing any more of the socialist agenda being put forth by the President Barack Obama and his accomplices in Congress.

The so-called stimulus package was an irresponsible waste of taxpayers' money. The cap-and-trade legislation will represent one of the largest and most heinous tax increases known to mankind, and accomplish nothing. The health-care reform bill being pursued by this administration will not only destroy the finest health-care system in the world, it is likely to destroy this great country.

For certain, it will be a death knell to seniors.

Thus far President Obama has lied to us about earmarks, lobbyists and transparency. It's beyond me why anyone would continue to believe a word he says.

Sadly, the voters in Congressional District 17 of Texas can't do much about Nancy Pelosi and the other leftist radicals in Congress. We can, however, do something about our own representative. It will be interesting to see how Chet Edwards spins it should a health-care bill come to a vote. We can be sure that his vote will be cast in accordance with Pelosi's orders.

Americans don't wish to wait in line for medical treatment.

The bad news is, that's where we're headed.

The good news is, Americans from all walks of life, from every political affiliation, from every race, color and creed will not tolerate it.

I just hope we stand up to the destruction of our great country before it's too late.


College Station

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