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Wish we could ban all political signs

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Now that the elections are over, we can begin to see the clearing of campaign signs everywhere. From front lawns, busy intersections and enormous billboards throughout the country, the obnoxious advertisements go away. 

Democracy instills the principle of social equality and the right for all people to participate equally.  Elections are won simply by votes and money.  It is an unfair advantage for those willing to spend more money and buy more campaign signs.  This is also true with airtime on television. In other words, the biggest, and most, signs wins.   

Politics has changed our society and relationships with family, friends and neighbors. Campaign yard signs have become an antagonizing invitation for hate in neighborhoods around the U.S. Choosing sides hurts feelings, ends friendships and sometimes incites violence.   

I consider these signs to be litter to the eye and to the earth.  They are everywhere, stuck haphazardly in the ground in competition for the best locations and a distraction to drivers.

After the elections many of the signs lie around on the ground for days.  Most municipalities have rules requiring candidates to pick up signs within a certain time period. Election winners and losers are also financially motivated to remove their signs because of the cost of the signs and potential fines. 

My solution to the campaign sign dilemma would be to delete Chapter 259 of the Texas Election Code regulating political signs from the law and make all campaign signs illegal on public and private land.

However, we live in a democracy that protects freedom of speech, and that solution would also be undemocratic.   

I guess campaign signs and political polarization are here to stay.  But maybe before the next election cycle we all can talk to our neighbor, call a friend or family member, and be kind to one another despite political affiliation.  



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