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Letters for December 7

Letters for December 7

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Letters to the Editor

What the flag means to me

Mark Brauer doesn’t know what to tell you if you don’t agree with him about what the flag stands for, but I know what to tell him.

He must think the Declaration of Independence benefitted more than white male property owners. He must think that nobody fought for for the abolition of slavery, and that the 19th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act were gifts white men gave the country out of the kindness of their hearts.

Decades of fighting against the rule of white men went into every advancement ever made for Blacks and women. The aforementioned victories have been as hollowed out as white men could make them. They have opposed every success and exploited the labor of Black people and the bodies of women of all colors.

As to the military, it is more in the business of extracting the natural resources of less-developed or politically unstable countries than in fighting for freedom.

Immigration? Only Indigenous peoples are not immigrants in this country. Except for slaves, who were brought here by force to build the wealth of this country on their lacerated backs.

We continue to do everything possible to block the advancement of people of color, particularly Black men. We started with lynchings and arrests of “vagrant” Black men who were looking for work. (They found work, but not for pay. They became convict laborers in cotton fields, mines, etc.) Then came Jim Crow, redlining of Black neighborhoods, urban renewal where Black people were displaced and mass incarceration of Black men for crimes they are no more likely to commit than any other race.

I do agree with one thing Mark Brauer said. I hope we will continue to work for social and racial justice. We have a long, long way to go.

Vicki Carter

College Station

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