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Gun safety is a basic instinct

Gun safety is a basic instinct

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Letters to the Editor

I read that Alec Baldwin accidentally killed Halyna Hutchins and wounded Joe Souza with a “prop pistol” that had been given to him by an assistant director, Dave Halls. 

Halls allegedly told Baldwin that the prop pistol was safe to use by yelling “cold gun,” so Baldwin did not check the weapon himself.    

You can ask anyone who served in the armed forces, “If someone hands you a pistol or a rifle, what’s the first thing you do?” He or she invariably says, “Clear the weapon.” 

That is, make sure the weapon is not loaded or that it is safe, and if it supposed to be loaded with blanks, make sure it is loaded with blanks. 

You never take someone’s word that a weapon is safe unless you have checked it yourself. It does not matter who hands you the weapon.  It could be a raw recruit, the commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, or the battalion command sergeant major. 

You still check the weapon. It is a habit; you don’t even think about it. It is automatic.  

I venture to assert that any member of the NRA who did not serve in the armed forces has that same habit. And it is a habit inculcated into anyone who handles firearms. It is the first thing one learns in a firearms class. 

How many movies has Alec Baldwin made where his character fired weapons? A bunch.  And if he did not get the proper training, shame on him. 

These Hollywood guys and gals are quick to get all up in arms about gun control and about their interpretation of the Second Amendment, but when their job entails handling firearms, they don’t practice basic gun safety as a habit.  

Condolences to the Hutchins family. 


College Station

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