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Don't fret so much about climate change

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Do you wonder why there are skeptics to the many arguments presented in the name of global warming?

In the June 4 issue of The Eagle, on the Opinion page, there were two columns regarding hurricane forecasts.

In one, Natalie Snider stated that, “Climate change is making hurricanes stronger, which is particularly concerning for communities in their path.”

In the second, Patrick J. Michaels stated, that, “tropical meteorologist Ryan Maue has made a career by pointing out there is simply no relationship between the frequency and power of these storms and global warming.”

Therein lies reason for skepticism. I believe global warming is a fact but not all that is blamed on it is true. It has been too highly politicized.

Global warming is being used by too many individuals and groups to gain political favor, money or power. 

There was also a recent article in the Opinion page by a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals stating that the best way to reduce CO2 emissions was simply to do away with all ruminants, for everyone to become vegan and stop eating meat. C’mon – can the author really be serious?

So many arguments bring the word “disingenuous” to mind. Is it this skepticism that inhibits collective action on global warming?

The media exhorts us to “save the planet.” Don’t worry about the planet. It will be fine and will continue to do what it has done for billions of years.

It may just do it without the hindrance of humans. 


College Station


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