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Right on target

Teri Metcalf's (Eagle, Dec. 7) comparison of Iraq with Vietnam was right on target. Both wars were begun under false pretenses. Two hundred thousand American soldiers and more than 2 million Vietnamese were killed or wounded for nothing.

Following a long struggle on their own after we left in 1975, the Vietnamese have made strides toward democracy. The U.S. has even established diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

I see the same thing happening in Iraq, except that the impact is far worse. In Vietnam, for every American soldier killed, three were wounded. In Iraq the number of wounded for every death is

seven or eight.

If Bush had been a better history student things night have been different. Iraq was never a real state. It was composed of three separate and distinct regions. Since its inception, the only reason Iraq held together was because it had been ruled by autocrats. After the U.S. destroyed the glue (Saddam Hussein) that held the whole mess together, we have chaos.

The cheerleaders for President Bush's war in Iraq are always babbling that if you don't support Bush you are betraying the troops. They also are quick to say to those opposed to the war that we should be ashamed for saying that our brave soldiers died in vain. What's a shame is that

those really to blame lack the character to admit to their failings.




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