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An effort to keep Aggies from voting

An effort to keep Aggies from voting

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Letters to the Editor

The College Station City Council voted in a split decision to ask voters to hold elections for council on odd years only.

City elections in odd numbered years have failed to exceed 10 percent of registered voters in any of the past four elections. Voter turnout in council elections in even-numbered years has exceeded 58% in every even-numbered year contest: six times more voters in even-numbered year elections vs. the odd- year elections.

It is not that voters don’t care in odd years. Odd-year elections simply don’t get enough publicity as the even numbered years and voters don’t turnout.

The majority of the College Station City Council are not trying to suppress the votes of poor people or people of color, but they are trying desperately to suppress the votes of Aggies. In College Station, really?

Only Mayor Karl Mooney and Councilmembers Elizabeth Cunha and John Nichols opposed the odd-year schedule. Councilmembers John Crompton, Bob Brick, Dennis Maloney and Linda Harvell supported this obvious suppression of Aggies voting in College Station elections — ensuring Aggies don’t have a say in local government decision-making in College Station.

I am an Aggie, Class of 1974, resident of College Station, but it makes me sad to think that we will not allow Aggies to have a say in how our city is run. This city is A&M, we need a council that understands the majority of our residents need representation.

Vote no, on Propositions A, B and C, three repressive College Station amendments designed to keep interested residents from running for council or keeping Aggies from voting.


College Station

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