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American republican democracy has held

American republican democracy has held

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Letters to the Editor

I’m surprised history professor Jonathan Coopersmith (Eagle, Jan. 6) overlooked the most obvious analogy between the Jan. 6, 2021, event and 20th century German politics, as it was so much like the Reichstag fire which the National Socialists used to consolidate their one-party rule.

But while many Democrats assumed this incident might allow them to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the Electoral College, pass crushing spending bills, nationalize voting laws, end the filibuster or even add to our 50 states in order to consolidate their power, America’s republican democracy indeed appears to have held. 

The yahoo “insurrectionists” honestly believed they weren’t just protesting a more rigged than usual process, but an outright stolen election. On the second point at least, they were factually wrong.

But what exactly do paranoid Democrats think a Republican “Beer Hall Putsch” would portend, other than tax cuts, individual freedom, border integrity, and an end to compulsory vaccines and health insurance purchases? Hardly the stuff of a Fourth Reich.

Still, Coopersmith inadvertently gave the best explanation I have yet seen of the Democrat’s Jan. 6th commemoration theater when he observed that blaming agitators or traitors “has proved a good way for leaders of governments to deflect blame from their failures.” 

We will find out Nov. 8, but I suspect we might hear less about the importance of democracy from the eponymous party after that date.


College Station


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