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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Moving backward

In many ways, during the past six years, our country has been moving backward toward the pre-1960s dark ages. One of the latest moves in this direction was caused by a cabal of Southern Republicans who blocked the 25-year extension of the Voting Rights Act of 1964. This blockage opens the door to voting requirements that could bring back the days of being denied the right to vote even with triple photo IDs.

Without the Federal Voting Rights Act, individual states can find - and have already have found - many ways to disguise their discrimination against people of color and other ethnicities.

It is past time for our representatives and senators to remember that the Constitution of the United States demands the separation of church and state, and it is certainly time that they realized that a vast number of voters are appalled by the way in which the Republican Party constantly gives in to the religious right. If these people were true Christians, they would know that they are not following in Jesus' footsteps by attempting to force their beliefs on others.

Jesus treated everyone as an equal. For those of those who still "don't get it," Jesus was born a Nazarene; therefore, his nationality was what we now call Middle Eastern.

It is my understanding that America was founded by people trying to escape religious persecution not enforce it.



Parking questions

Wouldn't it be better to make the courthouse a parking garage and build a new courthouse? Since the addition to the courthouse, it is, I believe, the ugliest building in downtown Bryan.

And the courthouse area's used-car lots and tattoo parlors send a bad message to visitors to Brazos County .


Brazos County


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