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Letters for April 3

Letters for April 3

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A reminder

The Eagle's criticism of state Rep. Dan Patrick's proposal to pay women to opt for adoption rather than abortion reminded me of a Nightline segment a few nights ago. Legislators in some states are attempting to require women to view a sonogram of the baby before obtaining an abortion. Of course, some on the program thought the idea was absurd, but a nurse who had previously obtained an abortion said she never would have gone through with it had she seen her child inside her.

Medical science now allows us to see the fetus in the womb - the hands and feet moving, the heart beating. Perhaps the Roe v. Wade court should have had that opportunity. Anyone who has read the majority opinion has a hard time defending the supposed logic of the justices. The court was asked to do something it was ill-equipped to do: Determine the point at which human life becomes worthy of protection.

It is extreme irony that an infant born prematurely is safer outside the womb. No matter how premature, he or she is suddenly a person protected by law. Inside the womb, the fetus can be legally destroyed. To suggest otherwise undermines the critical argument which permits abortion rights: It can't be human until it is born - even if it is only a few days short of full term. Once you admit that a child exists even a few days before birth, how do you determine that precise moment after conception when there is a new human being separate from the mother?

Perhaps we can never be sure. But do we err on the side of life or death?



Other options

The College Station school district should be ashamed. Administrators decided to use Good Friday as the makeup day for the bad weather earlier in the year.

There were other options. Feb. 16 would have been a good choice. The low temperature that day was in record territory. The kids were out of school that day for a teacher work day. How could a time when the weather is better and many families gather be the best choice?

The Bryan school district was able to alter its calendar to be off on Friday.

The majority of people, including teachers, I have talked with feel the same way. The College Station district has denoted Good Friday as a possible makeup day next year also.


College Station

There to help

On March 24, Hospice Brazos Valley provided a unique children's event for the community: Hospice Brazos Valley Kids Camp. The camp is designed to provide support for those children who have experienced a recent death.

Elementary-age children from Bryan and College Station to as far away as Cameron attended the event. Teens in grades seven through 12 served as junior counselors. The children were led through a variety of activities designed to help them honor their memories and celebrate the life of the person close to them.

Hospice Brazos Valley had incredible support from the community for this event. Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity at Texas A&M, and other A&M student volunteers served as Aggie Buddies for each of the campers. Adult members of the community and the public schools served as group leaders.

In addition, Hillier Funeral Home, the Farm Patch, U Paint It, Slovacek Sausage and Bethel Ladies' Group provided treats and activities for staff and campers. Allsize Storage provided funding for T-shirts for all participants. We had great coverage of the event from KORA and KAMU.

In all, there were nearly 50 campers and teens. Their parents attended a support group led by Hospice professionals. More than 60 volunteers helped make this day a fantastic success.

We at Hospice Brazos Valley offer a standing ovation to the individuals, groups, organizations and businesses of the Brazos Valley for the support they have given Hospice as we help the children of our extended community who are grieving.


Bereavement coordinator

Hospice Brazos Valley

The best teacher

The "Teacher of the Year" award should be given to Billy Gillispie for teaching me to like basketball.

My husband and I now love the game and appreciate the players. We will be season-ticket holders next season, to be sure.

Thank you, Billy.



A great show

I am a Boy Scout with College Station Troop 317. I would like to thank Brent Mullins and all of the participants who put on the re-enactment with the Museum of the American G.I.

They put on a great show, and I believe did a great service to our veterans by educating today's young people about our nation's history.

I went to the re-enactment with a group of Scouts, and I was very impressed with the realism of this event.

I want to thank the re-enactors for volunteering their time, money and historical weapons and vehicles for use in this demonstration.

I hope to attend this event next year.


College Station


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