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Let's all keep this election positive, fair and honest

Let's all keep this election positive, fair and honest

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We’ve had a lot to focus on this year: the pandemic and the rising death toll, how to return to school safely, Black Lives Matter, will the Aggies play football this fall — and now, two potential hurricanes heading for the Gulf of Mexico. It is enough to make any head spin.

But wait, there’s more. Politics has come roaring back after taking a back seat for months. Last week, Democrats meeting in, well, their own living rooms nominated former Vice President Joe Biden as their presidential standard bearer, with Sen. Kamala Harris — the first Black American and the first Indian American on a major-party ticket — as his running mate. The convention was anything but normal, with prominent party officials and former officials speaking from wherever, urging people to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket.

By all accounts, the virtual convention went well — at least the Democrats are happy and President Donald Trump had new things to attack.

This week, the Republicans get their chance to shine as they meet, virtually, in convention Monday through Thursday. Obviously President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will be nominated for a second term and will lay out their reasons why they deserve four more years. No doubt Republicans — at least most Republicans — will be energized by the end of the week.

So, after months of neglect, the political campaigns are back in full swing. Brace yourself.

Democrats promised to take the high road, although in political campaigns, that road doesn’t climb very high at all. Donald Trump is sure to be Donald Trump, endearing himself to his multitudes of supporters and enraging Democrats — he does both extremely well.

Most likely, the majority of appearances by the candidates will be virtual due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic. It just isn’t safe to have large crowds of people jammed into an area to hear a political speech. Perhaps, though, the president will have at least some of his rallies in person, as we have seen in the past. If you attend one, at the very least, wear a mask — even if the president doesn’t — wash your hands as often as possible and use lots of hand sanitizer.

However you watch and participate in the upcoming election, it is important to vote. Your candidates can’t win if they don’t get enough votes.

And, if you discuss politics, let’s all try to remain positive. It does no good to belittle or demonize the opponent’s supporters. We are all Americans, all with the right to support whomever we please, for whatever reasons we have.

Civility and active listening seemingly are lost arts in America, and it is time to bring them back again. We need to move past the ugliness of recent elections and restore our faith and confidence in this country we all call home.

And, whoever wins in November, let’s give him a chance, work with him to be successful and work together to restore the great name of America.

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