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Baffled, your stepping on her for commenting, as your commenting as well. She has the right as you do, after all she to is a taxpayer and has a voice.

Now im hoping the Fire Dept has Standard Operating Guidelines instead of Policies and Procedures in which have to be followed to a tee.
You want to keep the idea and flexability of a guideline, rather than the 'stiffness' of a procedure.


Grouchy Old Woman - "how do you know there is more to this" - unoccupied building claims the life of 2 and injures more. Fire department is a taxpayer funded operation, we have the right to ask questions.


Is it SOP to go into a building fully aflame at close to 12 midnight , and the building is one that is not an apartment or home where people live or reside in.

These fireman are very brave but I have a problem with SOP that requires our most valuable resources (our firemen) to enter a building that is unoccupied and not being resided in at close to 12 midnight.(when it is fully aflame)

If you think this SOP is correct then look at the results and tell me if it is worth it. No one lived in the KC hall, now if it was a residence I could agree with the SOP. Just my opinion. Again look at the results of SOP and tell me if it is worth it. I pray for the families and children and just cant see how this SOP allowed this.

Grouchy Old Woman

Be careful about questioning decisions if you have limited information. There is more to this than you are aware. Bryan FD is very cautious about burning buildings and their SOP has kept anyone from dying for a respectably long time.

Amy Day

I think those are good questions ... the Eagle should have asked them ...

Alex Pacek

What I don't understand is why they went in the old shack. As it was obviously closed there should not have been any cars there and with no people to save they should have just let it burn and stop it from spreading. All buildings, especially one this old - can be replaced. Sigh. Just simply can not understand why they went inside, much less why they were in there so long that they were running out of oxygen.

idaho duncan

The KC Hall was not an old shack, and searching for possible victims as early as possible is SOP even if one "thinks" the building is supposed to be vacant.

Amy Day

its out of respect and admiration for what firemen do that makes a citizen question the outcome. nobody wants to criticize the firemen, of course.


While I am always saddened by the loss of brother fire fighters, I don't understand the two man entry team. This violates minimum manning standards and any IC knows you have a backup team in place ready to respond to a Mayday call. We (fire fighters) are our own worst enemies sometimes rushing in and putting ourselves at risk needlessly. SOP's are there for our protection and must be followed. My heartfelt condolences to the family and the Department,

idaho duncan

Based on the press conference, the Ready Response Team was in place and did go in after Wallace failed to exit.


We pass them on the streets and see them in the stores, but seldom do we stop and thank them for their service to our community, Unsung hero of our society, and we ignore them until one dies or is ingured. To our shame do we do this. Rest in peace fireman Wallace and thank you. 's

Alex Pacek

I think I understand your sentiments yet to simply fail to correct you could make our community seem a little calloused. I'm not sure whom you are including in "we" but my family and friends do thank firefighters. Not on the streets as we pass them in cars but always smiling in the grocery store. We went to their open house recently. Firefighters are far from unsung in fact since 9-11-2001 they have always been held up on high with the utmost respect and dignity from what I have seen.

As far as leaving a note to Mr. Wallace here, unfortunately he won't be able to read it. Of course they are hero's but most certainly not unsung in this community.

Amy Day

I thank both fireman and policeman ... when I have the opportunity ... especially with my children included! Please speak for yourself!

Mr Tent

Firefighting is a very dangerous business, and anyone who doesn't consider these folks as heroes are fooling themselves. So sorry for the loss of this hero.


No words can describe what the families & loved ones are going through at this time. But, just know that they are in our thoughts and prayers during this time. May God wrap his arms and bless you with his love!!

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