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That is not the half of it. I dated one of his daugthers, and what he did to keep them out of jail was alot worse. Amy was a druggie, and got busted but did not even have to go to court. The older one Debbie was alot worse and never got any time. Him doing this does not surprise me at all that whole family is messed up. Karma does come around.


I'm glad karma has her revenge. He has done my family wrong and so many were hurt. My family paid the price of losing family members forever. The sentence he got is a joke. He has hurt to many good people because he thought he was above the law and we should bow down to him. He needs to do the right thing and undo all the damage he has down to so many people.

John Jacob jingle Heimer Smith

Karma: this guy is a disgrace to all Texas DA's and his racist tactics and cockiness got the best of him in the end, Mr. Paschal if you read this and I hope you do, look what you've done with your life, all this time and effort wasted because you thought you were 10 ft tall and bullet proof. I hope you get the best treatment in the 30 days you spend in jail and by best I think you know what I mean. I don't think Karma is done with you yet, but only time will tell, one thing is for sure you will never be allowed to ruin any others lives by using the criminal justice system. Good riddance ya jerk.


You know Robertson County judicial has been flawed for years they allowed a convicted felon & a dope fiend to work as an undercover informant to secure 25 indictments on me and 24other people whom shall remain anonymous I'm not a bit surprised this is what the citizens of Robertson county allowed this criminal to head the County as Head District Attorney for years And the last whom he stole from was a lady in Calvert Tx we called miss Bedack I maybe be spelling it wrong miss Oscar she collected old newspapers she would dig in trash cans and so fourth there were stories myths and old folktales but after reading this this was a crying shame and 30days in the slammer is a slap on the wrist well what's done in the dark shall come to light the movie American Violent is based on true events names were changed but growing up in Robertson County we all knew it was John Pascal so finally some justice its been a long time coming lives were forever changed bright futures were now a black dark nightmare I'm happy knowing that the justice systems is not color blind or bias everybody deserve a fair chance well someone wasn't so lucky


Is someone proofreading these articles?

"Oscar died in 2004."
"It was money inherited by Oscar after her death in 1991."

Working woman

This man sentenced someone I know to 7 yrs in prison for stealing $65 worth of tools from someone's garage. I guess in Robertson County, if you know the right people, you can get a slap on the wrist for stealing over $200,000. Corruption rules in Robertson County.


You lay with dogs, you gonna get fleas. Getting what you deserve!

david flash

Milam County DA Bill Torrey Hired Controversial Former Roberston County DA John Paschall as Special Prosecutor : http://milamcountytimes.org/2016/01/17/milam-county-da-bill-torrey-hired-controversial-former-roberston-county-da-john-paschall-as-special-prosecutor/

This is AFTER he was indicted.

david flash

Has anyone in main-stream media investigated Paschall's connection to Milam County DA Bill Torrey? Might be fruitful. Even after indicted, Torrey hired him as special prosecutor. Paschall wrote Torrey rent checks for his law office. Ty Clevenger is my source on both preceding statements. Here's an article about it:
Milam County DA Bill Torrey Hired Controversial Former Roberston County DA John Paschall as Special Prosecutor

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