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From the General Manager

From the General Manager

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Every parent wants their kids to behave. But there are times when their misbehavior is hilarious. At these times it is very hard to stifle a laugh, and to keep the grins and giggles at bay is almost impossible.

I remember once my daughter decided to have a picnic outside. She dressed up in a princess gown and started dragging things in the yard. Blankets, stuffed animals, dolls, toys, several backpacks for some reason — all methodically placed on the lawn. I intervened after her eighth or ninth trip inside to retrieve more guests and accoutrements for the picnic, and told her not to take anything else outside.

No amount of fire ants or thunderstorms has ever ruined a picnic faster than me saying she couldn’t take anything else out into the yard. She began yelling at me, detailing how I’d ruined the picnic, all while gathering up blankets, toys and other accessories a la Steve Martin in “The Jerk.”

It was adorable.

But, the years progressed and now her tantrums are not near as cute. I often wonder if I had nipped that in the bud if our lives would be tantrum-free today. Probably not, but still I wonder.

Over the summer, my son came home from day camp after getting in trouble there. He had broken some rule and was sent to the day camp equivalent of the principal’s office.

There are a lot of kids at this camp, and enrollment is on a day-to-day basis, so there are probably dozens of kids coming and going all summer long. It was only the second day my kids went to the camp. So, the counselor had to ask my son’s name and he replied with “Conner Rodriguez.” That is not his name.

Fortunately the counselor figured out that wasn’t his name either, and they let us know about the attempted alias. Somehow my wife managed to keep a straight face and assured the camp counselors that we’d talk to him. When I got home and heard the story, I acted real mad, said that was a dumb thing to do and quickly sent him to his room before I busted out laughing.

We punished him pretty harshly — he didn’t get video games all week, and that seems to be a fate worse than corporal punishment to him. I hope this is the last we have seen of Mr. Rodriguez.

When things go wrong, we won’t always have Connor Rodriguez to blame. In your cattle operation, sometimes it is hard to figure out what is actually wrong when it seems like you are doing everything right. In our cover story we look at a tactic called benchmarking and how you can use it to compare your operation with that of your peers and see where you stand on productivity and profitability.

In this issue we also have news and information from around the ag industry as well as the latest on upcoming events and sales. Hope you enjoy it, and as always, thanks for reading.

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