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From The General Manager: May 17

From The General Manager: May 17

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I grew up outside of the city limits of College Station, back when it was still a relatively small town. This made me pretty urban compared to my cousins.

From the General Manager

Jesse Wright

Whenever we would all get together, I would often get a crash course in country life. These were the days before video games were commonplace, and the internet didn’t exist, and there were only three channels on TV. Even if there was something for us to watch on one of those channels, we weren’t allowed to be underfoot in the house, so we were sent outside and left to our own devices. We had a lot of adventures in pastures and piles of cotton seed, and most of them ended with having to be checked for ticks. I could usually hang with my country cousins, until the day it was suggested we have a cow pie fight.

With the exception of this past year, it doesn’t snow much in Texas. In central Texas, there aren’t many pine trees, and therefore not many pine cones. But there are a lot of cows. I guess you work with what you got, so instead of snowball fights or pine cone wars, my cousins had cow pie fights.

I was hesitant at first. Then it was explained that there were rules: no fresh ones, no throwing at the face, keep your mouth closed. I was still hesitant. But this was also a time before safe spaces, and whether I liked it or not, I was going to be in a cow pie fight.

The fight started out innocent enough, but it soon escalated. Eventually all three rules were broken, and we all ended up mad at each other and covered in cow manure.

That was my first and only cow pie fight. I learned something important from it though, and that is I do not like getting hit with manure. But it turns out you can learn a lot more from manure, and it can be beneficial for your herd. In our cover story, we take a look at manure testing and how it can help with nutrition decisions. In this issue we also have some timely news and information as we move into spring as well as the latest on upcoming sales and events. Hope you enjoy it, and as always, thanks for reading.

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