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Restaurant Monitor: September 23

Restaurant Monitor: September 23

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The Restaurant Monitor is a weekly listing of scores for restaurants inspected by the Brazos County Health Department.

Inspections scores are on a 100-point scale. Generally, scores below 80 might cause the department to schedule a follow-up visit. A score below 70 results in the suspension of an establishment’s health permit. The following inspections were conducted Sept. 15 through Sept. 22.


Aggieland Nutrition and Energy, 4413 Sought Texas Ave. — 100; Block-N-Barrel Deli, 2423 Blinn Blvd. — 100; Bryan High School Cafeteria Silver Campus, 3450 Campus Drive — 100; Sam Rayburn Intermediate School, 1048 N. Earl Rudder Freeway — 100; Stephen F. Austin Middle School, 801 S. Ennis St. — 100.

Cheez’N, Inc., 801 N. Bryan Ave. — 88. Eating/drinking/tobacco use, improper hot holding temperature, other violations, improper date marking and disposition, person in charge not present, toxic substances improperly identified.

Express Ponzio Food Market, 1100 San Jacinto Blvd. — 92. Physical facilities improperly installed/maintained/cleaned, evidence of insect/rodent/other animals contamination, toxic substances improperly identified, improper date marking and disposition, environmental contamination.

HandiMart, 1201 W. William J. Bryan Parkway — 93. Garbage and refuse improperly disposed, food not separated and protected, thermometers not provided/accurate/calibrated, eating/drinking/tobacco use.

Mary Branch Elementary, 2040 W. Villa Maria Road — 97. Improper hot holding temperature.

Rana Grocery, 1501 Groesbeck St. — 88. Evidence of insect/rodent/other animals contamination, person in charge not present, thermometers not provided/accurate/calibrated, warewashing facilities improperly installed/maintained/used, garbage and refuse improperly disposed, utensils/equipment/linens improperly used/stored/dried/handled, physical facilities improperly installed/maintained/cleaned, inadequate handwashing facilities.

Shannons, 603 San Jacinto Blvd. — 90. Other violations, improper hot holding temperature, food and non-food contact surfaces not cleanable/properly designed/used, unauthorized persons, person in charge not present.

Subway, 1622 W. Villa Maria Dive — 95. Single-service and single-use articles improperly stored and used, Improper cold holding temperature, other violations.

Walmart – Grocery, 643 N. Harvey Mitchell Parkway – 97. Evidence of insect/rodent/other animals contamination, inadequate handwashing facilities.

College Station

A&M Consolidated High School, 1801 Harvey Mitchell Parkway — 100; A&M Consolidated Middle School, 105 Holik St. — 100; A&M Consolidated Tiger Club, 1801 Harvey Mitchell Parkway — 100; College Station High School, 4002 Victoria Ave. — 100; College Station Middle School, 900 Rock Prairie Road — 100; College View High School, 1300 George Bush Drive — 100; Delta Gamma Sorority, 1120 University Drive — 100; Kappa Delta Sorority, 1010 University Oaks Blvd. — 100; Northside Market, 233 Houston St. — 100; Oakwood Intermediate School, 106 Holik St. — 100; Smoothie King, 233 Houston St. — 100; Vetmed Café College Vet Ed Building, 660 Raymond Stotzer Parkway — 100.

Azure Fusion Bistro & Sake, 3975 Texas 6 S. — 97. Unapproved sewage/wastewater disposal system.

Boomtown Barbeque Two, 3125 Texas Ave. S. — 94. Improper reheating procedure for hot holding, toxic substances improperly identified.

Einstein Brothers Bagel, 233 Houston St. — 97. Food contact surfaces and returnables not cleaned and sanitized.

Golden Corral, 700 E. University Drive — 98. Wiping cloths improperly used and stored, environmental contamination.

Mo’s Irish Pub, 1025 University Drive — 91. Utensils/equipment/linens improperly used/stored/dried/handled, toilet facilities improperly constructed/supplied/clean, time as public health control improper procedures and records, improper reheating procedure for hot holding temperature, wiping cloths improperly used and stored.

Pi Beta Phi, 1601 Munson St. — 94. Inadequate handwashing facilities, food not separated and protected, utensils/equipment/linens improperly used/stored/dried/handled.

Skybreak Church, 4010 Harvey Road — 98. Thermometers not provided/accurate/calibrated.

Starbucks, 606 Military Mall — 99. Utensils/equipment/linens improperly used/stored/dried/handled.

Xi Kappa of Chi Omega House, 1501 Athens Drive — 98. Person in charge not present.

Yamibuy Asian Market, 1713 Park Place — 97. Inadequate handwashing facilities, toilet facilities improperly constructed/supplied/clean.

Yang Tuo Club, 1713 Park Place — 90. Toxic substances improperly identified, food contact surfaces and returnables not cleaned and sanitized, food not separated and protected, evidence of insect/rodent/other animals contamination.

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