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Brazos Valley Football Statistics

Brazos Valley Football Statistics

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Here are the statistical high school football leaders from the Brazos Valley, which will appear on Thursday. Coaches or statisticians can e-mail or fax in leaders by 5 p.m. Wednesday at (979) 776-8923 or


(at least 30 yards per game)

Name, schoolCar.YardsAvg.TD

Slayton Murray, Iola806768.42

Chris Whaley, Madisonville696319.19

Chad Milburn, Brz Christian3962416.09

Cois Walker, Rockdale765246.97

Cody Holliday, Somerville655127.95

Kysan Woolverton, Caldwell594808.14

LiDarral Bailey, Bre4244710.69

Jordan Mullinnix, Normangee514138.15

Nelson Scott, Caldwell3336311.06

Daniel Patterson, Burton453598.05

Randall Lister, Caldwell1934418.15

Brandon Patterson, Burton343319.72

Justin Mullinnix, Normangee323049.54

Monterrell Washington, Bryan472745.87

Bobby McEachern, Centerville452385.31

Ethan Pate, Centerville272027.53

Clint Hutson, Lexington541993.70

Dexter Pratt, Navasota251415.62

Devin Smith, Centerville341354.03

Jose Villarreal, Centerville221346.13

Jacolby Stokes, Navasota271274.72

Gabriel Patterson, Burton231225.21

D.Ray Morgan, Bre271194.40

Adam Anderson, Consol221084.91

Brock Taylor, Madisonville710414.92

Tre Hammond, Rudder41922.20

Christian Nutall, Consol88410.51

Kesnick Taylor, Bryan12847.00

Greg Chelf, Rockdale18744.11

Charlie Bush, Rudder16603.80

Mark Drake, Rockdale29592.04

Broderick Williams, Madison21542.61


(at least 5 attempts per game)

Name, schoolCp. Att. YardsTDInt.

Jacolby Stokes, Navasota304064480

Mark Drake, Rockdale407261940

Justin Mullinnix, Normngee335061741

Cody Holliday, Somerville284755244

Patrick O'Quinn, Consol266552534

LiDarral Bailey, Bremond162625741

Dalton McVey, Madisonvl162719310

Landon Evans, Lexington162916611

Devin Smith, Centerville93113033

Trenton Sims, Caldwell31212630

Tre Hammond, Rudder102011120

Albert Garza, Bryan3810900

Bobby Mathis, Burton7357304

Kesnick Taylor, Bryan5107201


(at least 1 per game)

Name, schoolNo.YardsAvg.TD

Joe Sanders, Rockdale1935818.84

Brandal Jackson, Navasota1326920.76

Whitley Reed, Normangee1119818.01

Landon Hodges, Normangee1012412.41

P.J. Pleasant, Somerville820125.12

Gaston Lamascus, Navasota813416.81

Cois Walker, Rockdale8486.00

Ethan Pate, Centerville710815.43

William Robinson, Consol78712.40

Jonathan Armijo, Somerville78612.30

Lee Diles, Bremond612621.01

Jeff Foster, Somerville610217.01

D.T. Mathis, Somerville610116.80

Titus Clark, Lexington6579.50

Jordan Mullinnix, Normangee518737.41

Garrett Smith, Consol514128.22

Andrew Dudley, Consol514028.00

Krey Bratsen, Bryan513326.60

Jacob Yezak, Bremond58717.41

Brandon Gibbs, Rockdale58316.60

Jamie Steindl, Madisonville45814.51

Michael Jones, Rudder45413.51

Howard Harris, Madisonville44711.80

Justin Fairbanks, Iola4225.50

Clint Hutson, Lexington4102.50

Dexter Pratt, Navasota315953.00

Antron Harris, Navasota35418.01

Jonathan White, Bremond33612.00


(at least 3 points per game)

Name, schoolTDFG 2-PTPATTotal

Chad Milburn, Brz Christian900054

Chris Whaley, Madisonville900054

LiDarral Bailey, Bremond900054

Nelson Scott, Caldwell701044

Cois Walker, Rockdale700042

Monterrell Washington, Bry700042

Brandal Jackson, Navasota600036

Jordan Mullinnix, Normangee601036

Cody Holliday, Somerville501032

Justin Mullinnix, Normangee400226

Randall Lister, Caldwell500030

Daniel Patterson, Burton500030

Joe Sanders, Rockdale400328

Mark Drake, Rockdale400024

Kysan Woolverton, Caldwell400024

Ethan Pate, Centerville301020

Devin Smith, Centerville300220

Matt Stoll, Consol040719

Jose Villarreal, Centerville300018

Brian Brown, Brz Christian0101215

P.J. Pleasant, Som200214

Dedrick Bradley, Burton110413

Lee Diles, Bremond200012

Dexter Pratt, Navasota200012

Chance Sherrill, Lexington200012

Jacolby Stokes, Navasota200012

Brock Taylor, Madisonville200012

Slayton Murray, Iola200012

Brandon Patterson, Burton200012

Oscar Barron, Navasota0001111

Matthew Little, Bryan010811

Waylon Boyd, Rockdale0001010


(at least 1 attempt per game)

Name, schoolNo.YardsAvg.

Krey Bratsen, Bryan729341.9

Joe Sanders, Rockdale624140.2

Randy Lewis, Madisonville1039839.8

Chase Coghlan, Brenham414937.3

Michael McCoy, Caldwell724034.3

Matt Stoll, Consol1034134.1

Devin Smith, Centerville1443631.1

Clint Hutson, Lexington1749329.0

Sheldon Sutphen, Brz Christian617429.0

Bobby Ortega, Somerville411328.3

Brandon Patterson, Burton819624.5

LiDarral Bailey, Bremond411328.3


(at least 1 per game)

Name, schoolNo. YardsAvg.TD

Mark Junek, Caldwell310936.30

Howard Harris, Madisonville24522.50

Randall Lister, Caldwell23919.50

Andrew Fletcher, Consol47318.30

Gaston Lamascus, Navasota3268.70

Justin Hartgroves, Bryan2168.00Joe Sanders, Rockdale231.50


Name, schoolNo. YardsAvg.TD

Nelson Scott, Caldwell17777.00

Titus Clark, Lexington16868.00

Daniel Ordonez, Brz Christian313244.00

Joe Sanders, Rockdale26733.50

Cody Holliday, Somerville13232.00

Justin Wilson, Consol25728.50

Slayton Murray, Iola25728.50

LiDarral Bailey, Bremond49423.50

Gabriel Patterson, Burton24723.50

Justin Hartgroves, Bryan511523.00

Tre Odom, Bryan24623.00

Arman Sims, Caldwell24422.00

Greg Chelf, Rockdale48320.80

Tre Hammond, Rudder510120.20

Dameon Brooks, Somerville12020.00

Dasmine Whaley, Madisonville35117.00

Malcolm Spriggs, Navasota11717.00

Justin Fairbanks, Iola58416.80

John Yezak, Brazos Christian46115.30

Michael Jones, Rudder23015.00

Howard Harris, Madisonville22713.50

Kip Daily, Consol34013.30

Cois Walker, Rockdale22512.50

Austin Bivins, Lexington11212.00

Jeremy Hall, Brenham11111.00

Dylon Iselt, Lexington33010.00

Ricky Bruno, Somerville22010.00

Chris Compian, Iola22010.00

Kendrick Washington, Bren11010.00

Josh Murray, Lexington177.00


Name, schoolRushPassTotalAvg.

Navasota (2-0)244666910455.0

Caldwell (2-1)1,2341261,360453.3

Somerville (2-1)6225511,173391.0

Madisonville (1-2)8902091,099366.3

Normangee (2-2)8376171,455363.5

Bryan (2-0)500181681340.5

A&M Consolidated (1-2)4605511,011337.0

Rockdale (4-0)6866191,305326.3

Burton (2-1)83373906302.0

Brazos Christian (2-1)79438832277.3

Centerville (1-3)824152976244.0

Iola (0-3)48775562187.3

Bremond (3-0)221314535178.3

Rudder (0-2)216111327163.5

Lexington (1-2)203166369123.0


Name, schoolRushPassTotalAvg.













A&M Consolidated7444151,159386.3



(at least 1)

Name, schoolNo.YardsTD

Dylan Iselt, Lexington2291

Mark Norman, Brazos Christian1800


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