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Begin planting crape myrtles


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Now’s the best time to select crape myrtle shrubs for planting based on their flowers. Crape myrtle shrubs are easy to transplant and the soil should be well-mulched and watered.

Plants are available in several shapes and sizes — from 18 inches to 40 feet — and available colors are equally wide-ranging. Gardeners like crapes in their landscaping plans because they are becoming more disease/ insect resistant and more attractive.

Early on, crape flower colors ranged from white, pink, red, maroon and lavender to purple. But now a host of colors with exotic names have been developed.

Following are a few sizes and their flower colors:

1. Weeping-miniatures — 18 to 24 inches. Baton Rouge/deep red; Bayou Marie/bicolored pink; Bourbon Street/watermelon red; and Cordon Bleu/lavender. These should be suitable for five-gallon containers.

2. Dwarf sizes — 3 to 4 feet: Centennial/purple; Chickasaw/purplish pink; Okmulgee/red-maroon; Tightwad/red; and Victor/dark red. These should be suitable for 10-gallon containers.

3. Medium sizes — 5 to 10 feet. Acoma/white; Caddo/pink; Cherokee/red; Pecos/pink; Prairie Lace/pink white; and Tonto/red.

4. Shrub-tree varieties — 10 to 20 feet. Apalachee/ light lavender; Catawba/violet purple; Conestoga/pale lavender; Near East/light pink; and Raspberry Sundae/pinkish red/white.

5. Shrub-tree varieties of the largest sizes — 20 feet or more. Basham’s Party Pink/light lavender; Biloxi/pale pink; Byers Wonderful White/clear white; Carolina Beauty/dark red; Kiowa/white; and Red Rocket/bright red.

• Elmer Krehbiel is a retired Texas A&M University professor and a Brazos County Master Gardener. His e-mail address is


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