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From The Eagle Advertising Department Could $1000.00 benefit your health this year? You’re probably wondering what in the world does this have to do with dentistry. Well, this time of year, it is significant. In dentistry, we were not considered an “essential” business. Therefore, in our practices, we saw only emergency patients for a few months. Now, there is still some fear of going to the dentist. This means many of the people who have dental benefits won’t use them. That means a bigger bonus for the fat cat CEO of these massive companies. There is only one winner here. The truth is, the dental practice is probably one of the safest healthcare providerstoseeduringthesechallenging times. In reality, we have been doing things right according to the CDC to protect patients from communicable diseases like Hepatitis A and B, even HIV/ AIDS for years. We only had to add a few measures to prepare for the pandemic. We’ve had medical offices call us to ask what we use to disinfect countertops between every patient. They asked because they were not required to do this before. FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. While I absolutely believe that this pandemic is as real as it gets, the fear of going to the dentist and leaving those benefits on their bottom line doesn’t seem right. We know that so many systemic diseases are exacerbated by poor oral health. We recognize many medications Americans take that cause a condition called xerostomia, aka, dry mouth. This will wreak havoc on those with vulnerable oral health. There are many reasons to see your dentist yearly for understand that times are changing, and we know that if you have benefits at all, you’re in the smaller category. It’s the reason we have always worked to make these preventive visits as affordable as possible for patients; keeping early detection is an option. It is the “USE IT or LOSE IT” time of year for dental benefits. If you would like a complimentary benefits analysis to find out what is available to you this year, give us a call at 979-773-3115. And see your dentist, he or she misses you! If you don’t have a happy dental home, we would love to have you be part of ours. Our new patient special is sure to make you smile!, is the office of Dr. Chuck Majors and Dr. David Sun. The office is located at 2606 Osler Blvd in Bryan. For more information on’s services visit our website or call, 979-773-3115. oral care. Oral cancer screenings can’t be purchased over the counter, and they are as crucial to the health of a denture wearer as those with teeth. Early detection is less expensive than neglect. Not to mention the fact that if you leave those benefits on the table, they are gone. Article by JoAn Majors, We want to encourage you to find a dental provider that you trust. One that practices at a high level when meeting and exceeding your expectation for safety and advanced care if needed. We

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