You can work style magic by identifying figure flaws and strengths and drawing attention to the positive rather than the negative. Determine what body shape you have, whether you are long or short waisted, and any particular body features that you wish you didn’t have. Simply Stylish Nancy Pride Body shapes can be divided into as many types as there are people. However, if you classify according to the majority of similarities, you can limit to four or five. If you look in the mirror and can’t determine your proportions, use a measuring tape and compare the numbers. If your bust, and hips are equal and your waist isn’t defined, but close in size, your shape would be considered rectangular. If your shoulders/bust are considerably larger than your waist while your hips are BECOME A STYLE MAGICIAN flat and narrow, you would have an inverted triangular shape. An hourglass shape would have equal sized waists, but larger hips and thighs. Apple shaped women carry most of their weight in their midsection. Their shoulders can be narrow or rounded and their legs thin. Next, but on a belt and make it comfortably snug at your waist. Determine if your waist visually divides you in half. If it does, your torso and legs are balanced. If not, and the top half of your body appears visibly shorter than the bottom half, you are short waisted. If your torso appears longer and your legs shorter, you are long waisted. In the next few weeks, I will discuss apparel styles that enhance each body type minimize problem areas shoulders/bust and hips with a much smaller waist. Pear shaped women have smaller shoulders, often smaller Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 South Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive. 979-268-0608