STYLE MAGIC FOR AN HOURGLASS SHAPE Women who have an hourglass shape have the most desired shape because of the perceived visual balance. (Think Marilyn Monroe.) The shoulders/bust and hips are equal in size while the waist is much smaller. Having an hourglass figure doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a perfect figure. You may have a large bust and large hips that style magic can make more flattering. Simply Stylish Nancy Pride Accent your curves without over-emphasizing either the upper or lower parts of the body. Puffy sleeves, large collars, and high necklines make the shoulders and bust look out-of-proportion. Boxy tops and jackets that end at the largest part of the hips, lack waist definition and draw the eye to the hip. Instead, choose fitted tops with v or scooped necklines. If you wear a long jacket, be sure to belt under the jacket. The belt accents the waist without bunching the jacket. Choose tops and dresses that nip in at the waist, yet glide over the body without being too tight. If you find that waistbands gap at your waist, choose a pant with a waistband that fits slightly lower on the hip where the hip is fuller. Jeans and slacks with some spandex help the fit as well. The woman with an hourglass figure can wear a variety of pant styles depending on her weight distribution. Try on different styles to see which go the best for the tops you choose as well for the occasion where you will be wearing them. Selecting the same colors for top and bottom helps maintain balance while also making shorter women appear taller. Keep your look simple: let your curves make the statement. Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 South Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive. 979 268 0608