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BUYING FROM LOCAL ONLINE BUSINESSES HAS BENEFITS O nline sales have soared since Covid19 caused people to isolate in their homes. It allows people to receive safely things they need. That is a good thing. However, local retailers have taken a hit. Sales significantly dropped.They have responded quickly, trying innovative approaches, and yes, developing and improving effective websites. Unlike many mega stores, mom and pop stores offer websites with more unique products.Also, they provide a more personal touch such as giving you the ability to and chain stores Simply Stylish sometimes Nancy Pride increase the price of online products to help cover additional costs. Local locations allow shipped products to be delivered quickly. In some cases when customers live close to a store, an employee drops the product by the customer’s home. In addition, local businesses often add services that large online sites cannot. In the case of Morgan Fitzgerald’s, we provide free gift wrap with handmade bows actually call and speak with real people.Their webpages also give you the opportunity to preview what is in their brick and mortar store. If you choose, order online, order for curbside pickup, or preselect things you want to look at in the store. Most online mom and pop stores with brick and mortar locations offer the same price to online customers. Mega online sites and packages that are actually wrapped, not stuck in a bag or “wrapped” with a simple elastic. Check out local websites.You may receive a greater choice of unique products, delivered quickly with hometown service. Plus, your dollars stay in the community to help our local economy. Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 South Texas Avenue, one-mile north of University Drive. 979 268 0608,

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