PO BOX 3000, BRYAN, TX 77802

SAVORY FINE FOODS, A TEXAS TREASURE J ust down the road twenty miles is Savory Fine Foods, wholesaler of cracker seasoning mixes, instant spice tea, and a new product,Yo-Yo’s mini snack crackers. Sold nationwide, the product line continues to expand, each new product carrying on the delight factor. The seasoning mixes when combined with canola oil, tossed with four sleeves of saltine crackers in a two- gallon food storage bag, and allowed to absorb overnight, create a cracker that seems that it should have been more difficult, and taken much more time to make. Those with a culinary adventurous streak can experiment with the seasoning on remains the all-time Simply Stylish favorite of Nancy Pride the eight flavors, but Garden Dill, Sweet Bar-B-Q, and Texas Chipotle hold their own. Recently, for those who like a little more kick, Spicy Guacamole and Flaming Queso joined the line. Low Salt Classic Original reduces the salt while maintaining the flavor. Use Cinnamon Toast to create a sweet cracker to accompany fruit salad, or even as an ingredient in Rice Krispie treats. Now you can also find a fully prepared, bagged mini cracker version called Y o-Yo’s. A vailable in fifive ve Yo-Yo’s. Available flflavors avors simpl simplyy open the bag ffor or instant snacks, salad toppers, or ingr edients in ingredients savory “trash” potatoes, mixes. The eight assorted chicken, and flavors with a bag of even desserts. For the Yo-Yo’s makes a great beginning junior cook, it “welcome to Texas” gift. provides instant success Nancy Pride owns with maximum Morgan Fitzgerald’s and satisfaction. Merle Norman located The at 3800 South Texas Classic Avenue, one mile north of Original University Drive. 979 268 flavor 0608,

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