‘TIS THE SEASON FOR GOOD DEALS ON COSMETIC GIFT SETS During the holiday season you really can find cosmetic gift sets with a lot to offer as well as providing great prices for what you get. But why do cosmetic companies offer great product Simply Stylish at Nancy Pride reduced prices when they know you are going to be buying cosmetics anyway? If companies can get you to come into their stores, there is a good possibility that you will maximize your time and buy something else. It also gives them oneon-one time with you to show you other cosmetic items that you aren’t currently using. A great benefit for you and the companies is that many of the gift sets feature products that the companies are introducing. Your response to those products allows them to judge demand. In other cases, if they feel they have a really great product that hasn’t had as good of a response that they anticipated, by including in a gift package, the customer may fall in love with it when it’s used. Cautious customers may be more likely to try a new, unfamiliar product if it costs less and is in smaller sizes. Cosmetic gift sets that offer slightly smaller container sizes often fit the requirements for airline travel. In my opinion, cosmetic gift sets are worth purchasing just to get your products to fit in a quart-sized clear bag. This year Mere Norman offers a skin care set that includes generous travel sized Exfoliating Charcoal Scrub, Anti-aging Complex Dry Oil Serum, Anti-aging Complex Emulsion and Anti-aging Complex Eye Treatment. The second gift includes Plush Lipliner Bella and Plush Lipstick Sparkling. The Plush lipliners are a new lipliner introduction that stays on well while also conditioning the lips. The third gift includes a double ended cheek color brush, a brow highlighter, and two cheek colors, Sugar Melon and Bare Mauve. Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 South Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive. 979 268 0608,