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HAVE YOU RETURNED TO CHILDHOOD? ADULT ACNE DOESN’T AFFECT ONLY THE YOUNG Wee think of acne W aff ecting pr eteens and affecting preteens teens, but adult acne is becoming mor moree prevalent. Childhood prevalent. acne usuall esults usuallyy rresults from hormonal from increases that increases stimulate stimulate excess sebum (oil) production. production. Lack of proper skin proper care contributing care es to clogged por pores worsens the acne, acne, worsens vere causing mor moree se severe cases. Adult acne can have a variety of causes have Women including hormonal. Women often experience hormonal acne during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, breast feeding, and even menopause. Another cause of acne can be contact irritation. During mask wearing mandates, some people noticed pimples forming in areas covered by masks. Dyes from the masks, detergents used to wash the masks, or infrequent washing of the masks all contributed to the problem. Bacteria multiplied on the surface of the mask as well as on the face. Some people’s skin also react to lanolin (oil from sheep) in hair care products and hand lotions. If they have a sensitivity, the skin produces lanolin induced acne. Discontinuing the use of products containing lanolin, usually eliminates the acne. Medications can also produce adult acne. Those taking steroids, antidepressants, and epilepsy drugs may experience acne Simply Stylish Nancy Pride breakouts. breakouts. These drugs should not be discontinued discontinued without the advice of a doctor. doctor. Usuall y, a Usually, diff erent different drug can be pr escribed prescribed that doesn’ doesn’tt pr oduce acne. acne. produce W ve seen Wee ha have eff ective rresults esults fr om the effective from using the Merle Norman Miracol Mask to open medicine-induced clogged pores Physical or emotional stress can affect hormones, which in turn affect breakouts. Hot, humid weather can promote bacteria. Illness, dehydration, and environmental irritants can all increase acne. There remains controversy over whether food affects acne. Those who believe food exacerbates acne avoid dairy products, white flour, and sweets. Acne can be classified mild, moderate, or severe. Most mild and some moderate cases can be treated with quality over-the-counter products containing salicylic acid. Probiotic products that balance pH show promise as well. Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 S. Texas Avenue, Bryan, one mile north of University Drive 979 268 0608,

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