WHY DO WE WEAR GREEN ON ST. PATRICK’S DAY? If you believe in folklore, and are of Irish descent, you wear green on St. Patrick’s Day to become invisible to pesky leprechauns who like to pinch everyone. Originally, St. Patrick’s Day was a religious holiday marking the death of St. Patrick who drove the snakes (Druids) out of Ireland. Since St. Patrick’s Simply Stylish Nancy Pride believe Americans promoted wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day as a symbol of Irish nationalism. The Irish flag is composed of three colors---green, white, and and party hard. On Friday, March 17, wear something green whether it’s a whole outfit, or just a touch of green. You’ll keep the leprechauns orange. Green symbolizes nationalists, white symbolizes peace, at bay, avoid being pinched, and show your support for the Irish and orange symbolizes the unionist Orangemen of Northern amongst us. Day was during lent, Ireland who supported loyalty to the British Crown. Americans, the alcohol-free holiday not noted for being loyal to the British Crown, flaunted the green was devoted to low- Morgan Fitzgerald’s and to be sure they were viewed first and foremost as nationalists. Merle Norman located at keyed family gatherings. The American Irish, known for being gregarious and social, 3800 South Texas Avenue, Although blue was had no difficulty adding plenty of alcohol to make a really good one mile north of University thought of as St. Patrick’s celebration. Today in both the United States and Ireland, the once Drive. 979 268 0608 color, many historians religious holiday has become a commercial event to wear green Nancy Pride owns