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WHAT MAKES CLOTHING WRINKLE-FREE? C ertain fabrics like wool and synthetics maintain a naturally wrinkle resistant appearance. Others like linen, cotton, and rayon wrinkle easily unless specially woven or treated. A fabric wrinkles when either heat or water causes the bonds of polymers to o shift within the fiber. If a blouse remains in thee dryer after the dryer stops, the polymers have realigned d from the heatt causing the wrinkles to form in the shape of the crumpled blouse. As it cools, the polymers reharden holding the wrinkles in place. The polymers in cotton and linen react to water in the same way. The water displaces the fiber polymers. As the fabric dries, the polymers harden again in the new shape. The polymers in wool and synthetic fibers have stronger bonds and do not react to heat and water as easily. Textile research has produced varying processes to treat cotton and linen to make the fabrics wrinkle resistant or no-iron. The most common involves coating the fabric or completed garment in a chemical resin that bonds the polymers to each other which is then heat Simply Stylish cured. Nancy Pride Because the microscopic fibers become more rigid, they become less susceptible to movement, preventing wrinkles from forming. All new wa washable garments should be washeed before weaaring to eliminate an ny excess reesidue. IIf you seek a wrinkle free w look, choose ttighter weaves and heavier fabrics that produce fewer wrinkles because the fibers have more h structure, restricting polymer movement. Choose a heavier knit fabric over a light weight knit. Look for all synthetic, or a mix of natural fiber and synthetic, or choose a treated fabric. At the last minute if the garment you plan to wear is inexplicably wrinkled, toss it in a dryer for a few minutes, hang to cool, or spritz with a fine water mist or wrinkle reducer spray. Let air dry. Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 S. Texas Avenue, Bryan, one mile north of University Drive. 979 268 0608,

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