CARE FOR YOUR BRAS AND YOU’LL GET YEARS OF WEAR Once you’ve found a bra that fits well, and is also comfortable you’ve invested time and money. Make your investment last longer by giving it proper care. Detergent and heat are the main culprits that shorten bra life. Detergents leave a film that attaches to elastic fifibers. bers. As the detergent residue builds up, the elastic loses its ability to stretch. Bra bands stretch, enlarging the band length causing the band to ride up. Straps and cups lose elasticity reducing the support. One of the best products I have found is Forever New, a washing powder that does not leave a residue on the fibers. It can even be used on wool. Dissolve the powder in a basin of water and let the bra soak for ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Roll the bra in a towel to reduce excess Simply Stylish Nancy Pride moisture then hang to dry. Most bras will dry overnight. If you think you don’t have time to handwash, place your bras in lingerie bags to prevent straps and bands from becoming entangled with clothes which stretches the elastic. You can use Forever New in the washer machine or machine.. FFor fr ont loaders, dissolv front dissolvee the po wder in water powder bef ore ad ding to the before adding dispenser dispenser.. Hang to dr y. Heat w eakens dry. weakens elastic fifibers. bers. If yyou ou w ear the same pair of wear shoes dail y, the shoes daily, wear out more quickly and leg muscles adjust to the height and shape of the shoe. Likewise, when the same bra is worn everyday it wears out more quickly. Alternate bras with different styles and functions. Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 South Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive. 979-268-0608

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