HannaH Hill hannah hill, a recent patient at sports, Back & Pain management Clinic, currently resides in the College station area. she is a stay at home mother to three children. hannah has a passion for adventure and enjoys traveling, staying active, and working out. her favorite pastime is to help out around her family-owned farm. hannah first started developing headaches and dizziness when her stress levels would increase. This caused her to experience blurred vision with the appearance of black spots, a rapid heartbeat, and mild to severe headaches. These symptoms left hannah feeling nervous that something was wrong. her sleep then became affected. she had eye tests, ear tests, labs drawn, and many doctor appointments, all which came back normal. she even tried a steroid injection without any luck. one day she was discussing with a friend the symptoms she was experiencing and how frustrating it was to not have an answer because all her tests were negative. her friend suggested that she begin physical therapy at the sports Back & Pain management Clinic. she decided to reach out and make the call. Before attending physical therapy at the sports Back & Pain management Clinic, hannah’s headaches and dizziness greatly affected her life. she was fearful to go anywhere because she was unable to drive. she decreased her activity levels because her symptoms caused her immense pain and fear. The relationships with her children began to suffer since she was unable to spend time with them and spent a large amount of time napping. overall, this condition caused hannah to feel overwhelmed and upset, feeling as if she was not able to keep up with the high demand of her life because of her headaches and dizziness. she began to feel hopeless, especially after all the negative tests and no answers from other doctors. After her initial evaluation with Dr. Katie Davenport, PT, DPT, hannah felt comfortable and confident that physical therapy was the right treatment for her. she felt relief after her first treatment and felt at ease for the first time in months. her symptoms had improved significantly after just two sessions. hannah enjoyed the friendly and positive environment created by the staff. Dr. Katie Davenport, PT, DPT was able to create a treatment plan to treat hannah’s headaches and relieve her dizziness. her treatment plan consisted of manual manipulations, soft tissue mobilizations, trigger point dry needling, strength training, and a customized home exercise program. hannah still uses her home exercise problem daily! After attending physical therapy at the sports, Back & Pain management Clinic, hannah can confidently say that the majority of her symptoms have subsided. she no longer suffers from intense headaches, blurred and dark vision, or an increased heart rate. she feels “alive again and able to participate in [her] daily routine without limitations and without feeling the need to rest”. hannah is also able to work out, help at the farm, and spend time with her children. Prior to beginning physical therapy hannah said that her pain and vision impairments fluctuated between an 8 or a 9 on a scale of 10. After completing therapy, she reports her pain to be an occasional 1 out of 10. hannah would like everyone to know that physical therapy is a great treatment option to resolve your headaches, dizziness, and even vision problems without being confined to medication. she is happy with the professional knowledge and care she received. if you or a loved one is experiencing ANy type of pain or other symptoms, do not hesitate to give the sports, Back & Pain management Clinic a call to schedule an evaluation or ask for a free consultation today! Call For a Free Consultation 2705 Osler Blvd Bryan 979.776.BACK(2225) • BVPhysiCAlTherAPy.Com /sBPmC

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