Holly holly, a recent patient at the sports, Back and Pain management Clinic, is a Texas A&m University alumna with a degree in Agricultural leadership and Development and a minor in recreation, Park and Tourism who now works for the university and has two children. After having children, holly noticed that things were not the same. she reported leakage when she sneezed or jumped and a bulging feeling in her perineum when she used the bathroom. holly had heard of pelvic physical therapy but did not think she needed it. holly’s obstetriciangynecologist referred her to the sports, Back and Pain management Clinic where she saw Dr. sarah Walton PT, DPT to address her problems. holly reported that her initial evaluation was interesting as the doctor was getting up close and personal with her perineum area, but she also said that Dr. Walton kept her at ease even in the most awkward situations. her treatment plan consisted of manual manipulations, soft tissue mobilizations, intra-abdominal pressure management techniques, neuro- muscular re-education of pelvic floor muscles, biofeedback of pelvic floor muscles, education of appropriate sitting and standing posture, strength training, and a customized home exercise program. Before beginning physical therapy at the sports, Back and Pain management Clinic, holly reported feeling discomfort and unhappiness with her body. she since has seen an improvement in her problems and no longer has to worry when she sneezes! holly feels as though her pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are stronger as she keeps up with her home exercise program. holly would like others to know that though leakage when sneezing or jumping is common, it is not normal and physical therapy can help! she also reported that her favorite part of physical therapy at the sports, Back and Pain management Clinic was the staff and their “top notch” care! if you or a loved one is experiencing any type of pain, do not hesitate to give the sports, Back & Pain management Clinic a call to schedule an evaluation or ask for a free consultation today! Call For a Free Consultation 2705 Osler Blvd Bryan 979.776.BACK(2225) • BVPhysiCAlTherAPy.Com /sBPmC

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